CS349 - Contemporary Issues in Computer Science

Fall 2019
Instructor: Sarah Abraham
E-mail: theshark 'at' cs.utexas.edu
Office: GDC 5.420
Office hours: MW 4:00-6:00

Lecture time: MWF 3:00-4:00pm
Lecture location: GDC 5.302
Unique Number: 50455

This class examines ethical frameworks, modern ethical concerns related to computer science and technology, and clear oral and written communication. Topics we will explore include policy vaccuums created by new technology, copyright and patent, software bugs and liability, freedom of speech, privacy, security, employment and job markets, warfare and state-building, wealth discrepency and consumerism, environmental impact, and changing cultural norms and social contracts. Students should come prepared to discuss and debate these issues, as well as provide peer-review and critique of other students' papers and presentations. Students will be graded based on their class participation, weekly blog posts, term papers, and final projects. Students should come out of this class with a better understanding of their impact on the world as well as better communication skills and technical writing.

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