Who Am I

I am a third year Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Austin. I love playing the bass, running, and mountain biking. I am an Eagle Scout. I am a strong student, work well in teams, and have a lot of experience being a leader. I am fluent in Java, Python, and C and I have great object-oriented design skills.


My Skills

  • Java




  • HTML




  • Linux





  • Text Generation Using Markov Chains

    I developed a program that, given sample text, uses Markov chains to generate unique text that is nearly identical in style and grammar to that of the sample text. In order to accomplish this, I implemented a method of storing and accessing elements in sparce matrices in a compact and efficient way to create a transition probability matrix for larger text files.

  • Huffman Encoding and Decoding Algorithm

    Implemented the Huffman coding algorithm to compress and decompress files. Each unique byte in a file was given a code of bits, which was shorter for bytes that occurred more often. The encoding scheme was written at the beginning of the resulting file for easy decoding, then every byte was encoded and written to the file. Depending on the type of file, this resulted in on average between 20% and 40% compression.