Welcome to My UTCS Page! #

Introduction #

skyler_vestal@HUGO:~$ whoami
skyler_vestal@HUGO:~$ cd personality/
skyler_vestal@HUGO:~/personality$ cat hobbies.txt
In my free time I enjoy programming, roller blading, cooking, and speedcubing.

I relax by going on Reddit, playing video games, and watching anime.

skyler_vestal@HUGO:~/personality$ cat superlatives.txt
My favorite videos games are CS:GO, bhop (in CS:GO), and
Celeste. When I rarely play League of Legends I one-trick Caitlyn.

My favorite anime BY FAR is Attack on Titan, but Mob Psycho 100
and Cowboy Bebop are also way up there for me. (Dinoswarleaf on MAL)

skyler_vestal@HUGO:~/personality$ cat history.log
I've grown up in New Braunfels, Texas, but I was actually
born in good ol' Wisconsin. 🐮 

skyler_vestal@HUGO:~/personality$ cat lang.txt
I ❤️ 🐍 (Python)
I also have experience in Java, Processing, and C.
I've also used node.js, p5.js, and SQLite for some projects.

skyler_vestal@HUGO:~/personality$ cat dog
cat: dog: No such file or directory
skyler_vestal@HUGO:~/personality$ cat cat
Furrari <3:

Photographed by my sister

Contact #

Reach out to me for any reason! I respond quickest to Discord, but I also try to respond to emails as soon as I see ‘em!

Medium Name
Discord Dinoswarleafs#3140

Media #

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