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for Friday, April 10, 2020

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How to use this system

On the day of office hours at 12am, sign up for a place in line. The instructor or TA will use this list to determine who to call first for office hours.

You can also view the line for today to see how long it is and to see where you are.

How to get to office hours

All office hours can be accessed from the Zoom tab on our class's Canvas page.

Want to use this system for your class?

Are you a UT faculty member and want to use this office hours system for your class? Email wang@cs.utexas.edu for details. Two options exist:

  1. Hosted for you, free of charge. All I need are a list of your office hours times and the name of the instructor/TA that holds each of them.
  2. Get the PHP code for this system and install it yourself.

Terms of Service of this online service

Please note: this system is intended to serve the instructional, research, and administrative needs of the students of the UT Austin Department of Computer Science. Any other use of this system, including but not limited to using any method to circumvent proper authentication or authorization, constitutes unauthorized access and may subject the user to criminal prosecution under Texas Computer Crime Statutes and other state or federal laws and will be investigated and prosecuted.

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