UT Directory: Jeffrey Wang

GitHub: @jeffw16

LinkedIn: @jeffw16

Email address: wang@cs.utexas.edu

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One hundred bugs in the computer code, one hundred bugs in the computer code. Take one out, recompile, one hundred and one bugs in the computer code.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

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In the news

"Freshman started business at age 11" (The Daily Texan)

"At age 11, Jeffrey Wang asked his dad for a loan of $150. A few months later, he launched his own company."


Welcome to my website at UTCS!

I am a freshman majoring in computer science in the Turing Scholars Program while also majoring in business in the Business Honors Program. I'm from a suburb of Dallas, TX called McKinney. Before coming to UT, I attended TAMS (Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science).

Public resources

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  • UT Austin IB Credits Calculator - Same as the AP Credits Calculator but for IB.
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  • QuickReg - Save unique numbers and instantly copy them during registration for a fast, successful registration experience.
  • NoBS Study Guides - From calculus to linear algebra, NoBS Study Guides cover topics succinctly so you'll get the concept quickly without having to fish through unnecessary distracting content.
  • My public dropbox - I'll sometimes leave public files here for retrieval.