Important information: The formula on this page was updated on June 25, 2019 to be more accurate. Please recompute your AI if you used this calculator prior to this date.

This calculator uses an approximation of the UT Austin Academic Index formula, computed through linear regression performed on data sourced directly from official admissions files. Use this calculator to find your own estimated AI.

If you took the ACT, use the College Board's concordance table to input your concorded SAT score. UT Austin converts all ACT scores into SAT scores for evaluation purposes.

The formula is currently only valid for in-state students who were admitted in Fall 2017 or later with Units Plus.

th percentile

If you're unranked or not sure, you will need to give your best guess. Range: 0 to 100, where 100 is valedictorian.

Use the formula [1-(class rank/class size)] * 100 to calculate your percentile, but be sure to round down this value to the nearest tenth place! For instance, top 4.01% would be the 95.99th percentile, which would round down to 95.9.


If you took the ACT, use the College Board's concordance table to convert your ACT composite score into a concorded SAT score.

0.5 unit represents a semester worth of coursework, so 1.0 unit represents an entire school year worth of coursework. For applicants entering in 2018 or before, include senior year coursework in units; for applicants entering in 2019 or later, do not include senior year coursework in units.

Your result will be displayed here.


Natural Sciences AI = $3.227270111 \cdot 10^{-2} \cdot \mathrm{HSR} + 1.309664459 \cdot 10^{-3} \cdot \mathrm{SAT} + 7.210171083 \cdot 10^{-2} \cdot \mathrm{UP} - 1.906777997$

Business AI = Natural Sciences AI + 0.081

Engineering AI = Natural Sciences AI - 0.119

Liberal Arts AI = Natural Sciences AI + 0.151

$\mathrm{UP} = \mathrm{max}(\mathrm{ELA} - 4.0, 0.0) + \mathrm{max}(\mathrm{MATH} - 3.0, 0.0) + \mathrm{max}(\mathrm{SCI} - 2.0, 0.0) + \mathrm{max}(\mathrm{FL} - 2.0, 0.0)$ (FL is foreign language)

UT Admissions calculates four different formulas: one for business, one for engineering, one for natural sciences (Natural Sciences, Geosciences, Architecture, and Nursing), and one for liberal arts (Liberal Arts, Education, Communications, Social Work, Fine Arts, and Undergraduate Studies). The AI that is used depends on which major you applied to.

Units Plus is calculated by the number of units you have exceeded from the minimums (>4 English Language Arts, >3 Mathematics, >2 Science, and >2 Foreign Language). Do not include units that will be taken in 12th grade if you are an applicant.

The formula used here has a margin of error of $0.01$ and $r^2 = 0.9946$. We don't guarantee its accuracy by any means, but we hope it is at least helpful for estimating AI.

Data derived from admissions files requested from the university.

Disclaimer: While this tool was made in good faith, it is not guaranteed to be accurate.

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