Hi! I'm Yatin Pokle.

And I am currently a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin as a computer science major!

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Here are my skills.

Programming Languages

Java, C, Python, HTML, PHP, CSS, and SQL


VSCode, IntelliJ, PyCharm, PhpStorm, Microsoft Excel, and the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, Audition, and Acrobat).


Proficient in English, Marathi, and Hindi


Here are some work experience I have accumulated over the years!


Instructed and led summer camps over robotics, game development, and Python on Raspberry Pi. Established a curriculum for summer camps and provided technical support for over 50 computers

MT Tennis

Tennis coach for kids under the age of 13 of Frisco, TX.

Lifetime Tennis

Supervised the Front Desk and Pro Shop as well as independently closed the 23 court facility. Main tennis stringer for the facility and tennis coach.


Personal Projects

Front End UI and Back End Development using CPanel Web Hosting and MySQL database.
Partnered with NHS chapters around the district and have over 150 active students and tutors.
Official commendation recognized by Congressman Van Taylor.

Handwriting Recognition

Part of the UTD Machine Learning Summer Camp.
Machine Learning using a training data set of handwriting.
Used Python and Google’s TensorFlow.

Huffman Encoding

Built a zip file software using binary trees, priority queues, and hash maps to compress and decompress files.
Zipped and unzipped files using the standard Huffman lossless data compression algorithm.

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