Yuchen   Cui


PhD Candidate

Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department of the University of Texas at Austin. I am working with Professor Scott Niekum in the Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL). My research interest lies in the intersection of interactive machine learning and human-robot interaction, with applications in robotics, especially for at-home tasks. My research goal is to develop algorithms that enable robots to efficiently learn from not only demonstrations, but also intelligent interactions with humans.

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  • RoboCup@Home Domestic Standard Platform League - 3rd Place, July 2017 Our team - UT Austin Villa - participated in the Robocup@Home league held in Nagoya, Japan. Our HSR robot, named Zilker, competed in tasks including storing groceries, question answering, setting up a table and person following. [video]
  • Intel-Cornell Cup - 2nd Place, May 2015 Our project - Guardian Angel - aims at allowing a patient under physical therapy to communicate their everyday exercises with a distant therapist. Our proposed solution is to use an UAV equipped with infrared and ultrasonic sensors to track and video-record the user/patient as they exercise. The user will wear a safety helmet equipped with beacons for localization purpose.

Teaching Experience

  • University of Texas at Austin

    • TA for CS343: "Artificial Intelligence"
    • TA for CS313E: "Elements of Software Design"
  • Purdue University

    • TA for CS159: "Programming Applications for Engineers"
    • TA for ECE364: "Software Engineering Tools Lab"
    • TA for ECE337: "ASIC Design Laboratory"

Technical Reports & Course Projects

  • Visual Dynamics for Robotic Control with Generative Adversarial Networks Y. Cui. UT Austin (2018).
  • EasyGD: Gaze Detection on Wireless Mobile Systems Y. Cui and Y. Pei. UT Austin (2017).
  • Object Affordance Learning from Human Descriptions Y. Cui and W. Xu. UT Austin (2016).
  • Dynamic Kick Motion Design with Implementation of Whole-Body Operational Space Control on the NAO Y. Cui. UT Austin (2015).
  • BLIS Y. Cui and Y. Pei. UT Austin (2016). BLIS is a project for my linear algebra class. We implemented a microkernel in assembly for improving the performance of matrix-matrix multiplication of processors with Haswell architecture. Our implementation achieved 90% performance of openBLAS and ranked highest among the class.
  • Extreme Sports UAV [video] Y. Cui, H. Xu, E. Xi and Y. Chen. Purdue University (2014). Extreme Sports UAV is an intelligent UAV designed to recognize and follow a rock climber to take videos. My team designed the entire on-board control unit communicating with a ArduPilot flight controller. This project was modified to participate in the 2015 Intel-Cornell Cup as project "Guardian Angel" and ended up with a second place prize.
  • ASIC Kalman Filter Y. Cui, H. Xu, and Y. Chen. Purdue University (2013). As part of the ASIC Design Lab, our team designed an ASIC Kalman Filter. We implemented the design in System Verilog and tested the mapped design using ModelSim.
  • Rhythm Master Y. Cui, H. Xu, S. Li and W. Wang. Purdue University (2013). Rhythm Master is an arcade game machine designed as my Microprocessor System Design Mini Project. We made use of the Freescale HC12 microprocessor.