Computer Science Department
2317 Speedway, M/S D9500
The University of Texas
Austin TX 78712-0233

I am a Ph.D student in the Computer Science Department at The University of Texas at Austin. My advisors are Isil Dillig and Thomas Dillig. In 2013 Fall I studied as a visiting student at Stanford University under the supervision of Saswat Anand and Alex Aiken. Before that I was a Ph.D student at The College of William and Mary.

What's New

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Research Interests

My interests include software verification, programming languages, static analysis and formal methods. More specifically, I want to build automated tools to guarantee the desired behavior of a system in a sound, precise and scalable way. I am also interested in applying static analysis to build and break systems, tackle security problems in smartphone.


  1. Apposcopy: Semantics-Based Detection of Android Malware through Static Analysis

    by Yu Feng, Saswat Anand, Isil Dillig, Alex Aiken.

    To appear in FSE 2014.

    [ PDF ] [BibTeX]

  2. Apposcopy: Automated Detection of Android Malware(Invited Talk)

    by Yu Feng, Saswat Anand, Isil Dillig, Alex Aiken.

    To appear in DeMobile 2014.

    [ PDF ]

  3. S.T.A.M.P: Program Analysis for Android

    by Saswat Anand, Manolis Papadakis, Lazaro Clapp, Rahul Sharma, John C. Mitchell, Jason Franklin, Patrick Mutchler, Osbert Bastani, Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff, Alex Aiken, Aravind Machiry, Xin Zhang, Ravi Mangal, Mayur Naik, Yu Feng, Isil Dillig, Thomas Dillig.

    One page poster in I20 Formal Methods Joint PI Meeting, Stevenson, WA, 2013

    [ PDF ]



  • Teaching assistant in the course Programming Languages (Spring 2013), taught by Dr. Thomas Dillig at the College of William and Mary.