This is Xinyu! I am a master student studying computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. 🤘 I finished my undergradute degree in computer science and mathematics at UT in 2020. I like probability, combinatorics and linear algebra. Here is my CV.


Matrix Rigidity
Advised by Dr Anna Gal
Since Valiant’s establishment of matrix rigidity to analyse circuit complexity, various contributions to the bounds of matrix rigidity of special candidates has bloomed. In this project, I survey the algebraic approaches to the rigidity of square matrices and recent discoveries that link matrix rigidity to data structures.
Science4cast Competition 2021
Advised by Dr Ngoc Tran
The Science4cast Competition consists of predicting new links in a semantic network, with each node representing a concept and each edge representing a link proposed by a paper relating two concepts. This network contains information from 1994-2017, with a discretization of days (which represents the publication date of the underlying papers). Team Hash Brown’s final submission, ee5a, achieved a score of 0.92738 on the test set. Our team’s score ranks second place, 0.01 below the winner’s score. This paper details our model, its intuition, and the performance of its variations in the test set.
Optimizing EMS Responses during Extreme Events
Advised by Dr Ngoc Tran
The aim of our retrospective study was to quantify the impact of Covid-19 on the spatiotemporal distribution of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) demands in Travis County, Austin, Texas and propose a robust model to forecast Covid-19 EMS incidents in the short term to improve EMS performance.
Tropical Commuting Matrices
Advised by Dr Ngoc Tran
In tropical linear algebra, the question of when two matrices commute remains a mystery. The goal of this research is to take the geometric hints from tropical polyhedral cone defined by two sided systems with the commuting constraints to investigate the space of matrix B that commutes with a given finite matrix A.