About Me
I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin. I am a member of UT Virtual Reality Lab (Embodied Cognition Lab), instructed by Professor Dana Ballard and Professor Mary Hayhoe.
My research goal is to design intelligent agents. First, we (probably) need to understand what is the nature of intelligence and how we can model it. I study cognitive psychology , game theory, and hope to find an answer. Learning is a critical component of intelligence. I am currently focusing on using imitation learning and reinforcement learning methods to train agents. To enable agents to interact with physical environment and humans, I am exploring and learning technologies such as virtual reality, teleoperation, and robotics.
Although it is hard to tell when a fully autonomous agent with human-level intelligence will be available, to me, it is very exciting to work towards this goal. And I hope one day these agents can help humans in labor-intensive or risky tasks, such as search, rescue, and exploration.

The University of Texas at Austin
August 2014 - Present, Austin, TX
 • TA: CS 391L Machine Learning, Spring 2015
 • TA: CS 311H Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (Honor), Fall 2014

The University of Texas at Austin
August 2012 - August 2014, Austin, TX
 • Master of Science in Computer Science
 • TA: CS 311 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Summer 2013
 • TA: CS 313K Logic, Sets and Functions, Fall 2013
 • TA: CS 313K Logic, Sets and Functions, Spring 2013

Rhodes College
August 2008 - May 2012, Memphis, TN
 • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
   Advisor: Dr. Natalie Person
 • Minors: Computer Science, Economics
 • TA: PSY 485 Qualitative Methods, Spring 2012