Computer Science Vocabulary

We recently had a guest speaker in a computer science ethics class that I’m taking. He was a researcher, and his work was centered on the use and effect of video games in society. We began class with a series of iClicker questions about our habits towards video games - how often we played them, what kinds, and a myriad of other questions.

The first question was easy: How often do you play these games? My answer: Never.

Info Sessions and All the Time in the World

I’d like the start this semester with a clarification. In one of my last articles, I explained the importance of choosing a schedule wisely to set up your future success. I still believe that this is important, but with the start of a new and not-yet-stressful semester, I’m thinking a little bit differently.

There’s a lot of really amazing stuff out there, and without taking advantage of it, I can imaging that you might end up with some regrets in the future.

The Cowboy Rides Away (For now)

This semester I elected to take a writing flag course outside of the computer science department. Out of the numerous writing courses here at the university that intrigued me the most was a course by the name of "The Cowboy Mystique in American Culture." At the time it appeared to be a breather course with topics that differ from the hard sciences. Through the course of semester, I learned everything from the antics of Teddy Roosevelt to the stardom of John Wayne and more.


The weather last Saturday (the one before the Thanksgiving holiday) presented a perfect day to stay inside. With severe thunderstorms giving the Austin area the much needed rain it deserved, I took the liberty of enjoying my new found hobby: coffee roasting. So I roasted some beans, ground them up, and sat down to read the Wall Street Journal with a fresh cup in hand (It really does produce a smooth cup, you should try it if your interested).


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