The second round of midterms are almost upon us and everything seems to be getting harder and harder. More homework, more projects, more obligations, it just keeps snowballing. It's barely two months in and I'm having to research classes for next semester and sign a lease on an apartment, and I barely know what a lease is.

TACC Viz Lab

I know we're in the midst of a lot of people's midterm week and I can already feel the despair oozing out from everyone. I know this major can sometimes feel like it's way too stressful, especially in these coming days, with all the projects due and tests to take. And with all the stress comes all the doubts rushing in. I know I for one think a lot about whether computer science is the right major for me at all when I'm too stressed about computer science to be excited by it, or I can't seem to get something right that everyone else seems to be getting or some other such trivial thing that sends me down a dark spiral of angst and existentialism.


It always irks me when people say “Give 110%!” Or 150%. Or 200%. Or any percentage over a hundred. Because. It. Is. Impossible. There’s probably plenty of people willing to debate me over it, but 100% is all of yourself and you can’t give anymore than all of yourself. Just like you can’t eat 102.54% of a pie. I mean, I get that it’s an idiomatic expression, but in my opinion it’s just an annoying platitude that should be eradicated.

Career Fair

Congratulations survivors! We have weathered the storm and come out the other side reasonably whole!

When I walked into the Frank Erwin Center, I was definitely a bit overwhelmed. Over 200 companies were tabling, the thought of which made me a bit dizzy. And with both companies and students trying to woo the other, I couldn't help but think all this was a bit like some extravagant courting ritual. And I'm really bad at flirting.


College campuses have a certain kind of vibe that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It could just be all my awesome friends I didn’t get to see during the summer. It could be the fact that you won’t find this many people of our age all crammed into the same area and working towards a higher goal anywhere else. It could be the fact that everyday is a little different and life never feels too routine. Or it could be all that “pursuit of knowledge” and gorgeous Spanish-Mediterranean revival style architecture.   


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