How do I drop a class?

  • If it is before the 12th class day, you can drop courses on your own in the Registration system. You will receive a tuition refund, if necessary, and classes do not appear on the permanent record. Not attending does not automatically drop you from classes or withdraw you from UT; you need to do that yourself. 

Can I take a course pass/fail?

You should not take a course pass/fail if you need that class to fulfill a degree requirement. Courses taken pass/fail count towards your total number of residence hours and elective hours, but nothing else. They do not count towards your GPA (unless an F is earned) and do not fulfill prerequisite requirements. This means you should NOT take any CS courses as pass/fail unless you are using them for only elective requirements. Only electives should be taken pass/fail, unless you plan on repeating the course later for a letter grade.

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