Colloquium: Brett Fleisch/National Science Foundation Current Developments in the Computer and Network Systems Division of the Computer and Information Science and Engineering ACES 3.408

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Jenna Whitney
Nov 28, 2006 2:00pm - 5:00pm

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Speaker Name: Brett Fleisch

Speaker Affiliation

: National Science Foundation

Date: Tuesday November 28 2006

9:30 - 12: Six 15 minute talks by graduate students with t

ime for discussion.
12-1:15 : Lunch with Brett Mike Lorenzo and Emmet

1:15-2 : Meeting with Lorenzo.
1:45 : Coffee 3.408
2-5 : Facul

ty NSF round table. His talk is 2- 3 pm then informal discussion


ocation: ACES 3.408

Host: Emmett Witchel

Talk Title: Curren

t Developments in the Computer and Network Systems Division of the Computer
and Information Science and Engineering

Talk Abstract:
This pres

entation provides an organizational overview a description of new projects
and presents recent funding opportunities within the CNS Division of the C

ISE Directorate at the National Science Foundation. The latest funding oppo

rtunities will be presented along with descriptions of strategic objectives
of the Foundation significant Divisional competitions cross cutting them

es and emphasis areas infrastructure programs educational programs and Di

rectorate-scope national initiatives.
Of special interest in this talk

will be the Computer Systems Research (CSR) solicitation. This year NSF has
three areas where special opportunity funding may be obtained. The talk wi

ll overview the Computer Systems Basic Research solicitation and these spec

ial emphasis areas managed by the Program Directors. The intention of the t

alk is to bring the audience up-to-date with current activities at NSF of s

pecial interest to the Computer System Research community.

Speaker B

Dr. Brett D. Fleisch joined the National Science Foundations Directo

rate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) / Computer
and Network Systems (CNS) as Program Director in April 2004. Dr. Fleisch s

erved on the faculty of the University of California Riverside where held

a tenure-track position since 1992. At the University of California Rivers

ide served in the Computer Science and Engineering Department and directed

the Distributed Systems lab.
Dr. Fleisch received the Ph.D. degree in C

omputer Science from the University of California Los Angeles in July 1989

. He received the B.A. degree in Computer Science at the University of Roch

ester the M.S. degree in Computer Science at Columbia University in 1981 a

nd 1983 respectively. His research interests span the area of distributed

systems and operating systems and include mobile code security memory man

agement e.g. distributed shared memory (DSM) fault-tolerance reliability
peer to peer systems and highly available systems. Dr. Fleisch is a membe

r of the ACM IEEE Computer Society and USENIX. He is serving as publicity
co-Chair for ICDCS 2007.