Students complete and submit the Master’s graduation application form on-line through the graduate school's web site. The instructions, policies and forms needed for graduation can be found online at the graduate school's graduation page.

CS graduate students should follow these steps:

  1. Request a degree check from the CS graduate office the semester BEFORE finishing the Master’s degree requirements. The graduate office usually does degree checking in mid to late October and mid April. The degree check will show up in UTDirect.
  2. The semester you plan to graduate, submit the Master’s graduation application form on-line by the required deadline. The graduate office will be notified and your program of work will be checked for background requirements, major (CS) coursework, and minor courses. When the graduate office completes this check, the program of work is automatically routed to the graduate adviser for approval and to the graduate school degree evaluator for final approval.
  3. You can attend the graduate school convocation in May of the year you graduate.  Fall and spring graduates receive an email from the graduate school with information on how to sign up for the ceremony.  There is no summer graduation ceremony.  The College of Natural Sciences holds a fall graduation ceremony, which you may attend.   They send an email to fall graduates with details.