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CS439 Principles of Computer Systems

Dr. Alison N. Norman

Schedule for Fall 2014

This schedule, and the links contained in it, are subject to change during the semester. Exam dates, however, are final.

Reading assignments are from one of the required textbooks:




(to be completed before class)

Wed Aug 27 Introduction & Themes Reading: B&O: Ch1
(Yes, I know it is review!)
Thu/Fri Aug 28/29 No Discussion Sections

Mon Sep 1 Labor Day
Wed Sep 3 History of Operating Systems
and Dual Mode Execution
Reading: B&O: 8-8.1
Thu Sep 4 HW1 due 9:45am

Mon Sep 8 Processes Reading: B&O: 8.2-8.8
Project 0 available
Wed Sep 10 CPU Scheduling Reading: CPU Scheduling from Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces
by Remzi H. Arpaci-Duseau and Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau
Thu Sep 11 HW2 due 9:45am

Mon Sep 15 Threads and Too Much Milk! Reading: B&O: 12.3-12.4
MH: 4.2-4.3.1
UT: 1-1.2
Wed Sep 17 Synchronization (I) Reading: B&O: 12.5-12.8
UT: 1.3
Optional Reading: MH: 4.6
Project 1 available
Thu Sep 18 HW3 due 9:45am
Fri Sep 19 Project 0 due 11:59pm

Mon Sep 22 Synchronization (II)
Readers/Writers, 10a lecture
Readers/Writers, 2p lecture
Reading: MH: 4.3.2-4.5
UT: 1.4
Wed Sep 24 Deadlock and Advanced Synchronization
Pemberley Solution
Reading: MH: 4.7-4.8
UT: 2.6-2.11
Thu Sep 25 HW4 due 9:45am

Mon Sep 29 More Synchronization and In-class exam review (1) Read the Therac-25 paper, following these tips.
If you are off-campus, this link through the UT libraries Web proxy may be useful.
(2) While you are reading, view these two helpful graphics, which nicely illustrate
linear accelerators and problems that they have caused.
(3) Read this New York Times article and at least the first two pages of this one
(make sure you see the pictures).
Wed Oct 1 Exam 1
7p-9p in UTC 2.112A
Thu/Fri Oct 2/3 No Discussion Sections
Fri Oct 3 Project 1 due 11:59pm
Project 2 available

Mon Oct 6 Memory: Overview Reading: B&O: 9.1-9.2
Wed Oct 8 Virtual Memory I Reading: B&O 9.3-9.6
UT: 3-3.1
Thu Oct 9 HW5 due 9:45am

Mon Oct 13 Virtual Memory II Reading: B&O: 9.7-9.8
MH: 6.4
UT: 3.2-3.6
Project 2 Stack Check Due
Wed Oct 15 Heap Memory Management Reading: B&O: 9.9-9.12
Project 3 available
Thu Oct 16 HW6 due 9:45am

Mon Oct 20 More Heap Memory Management and
Virtual Memory Review

Virtual Memory In-class problem
Wed Oct 22 I/O and Disks
Mob Boss Polling
Mob Boss Interrupts and DMA
Reading: B&0: 6-6.2
MH: 8-8.2
Thu Oct 23 HW7 due 9:45am
Fri Oct 24 Project 2 due 11:59pm

Mon Oct 27 Disks and File System Fundamentals:
Use, API, and Implementation (I)
Reading: B&O: Chapter 10, skipping section 10.4
MH: Chapter 8.3-8.6
Wed Oct 29 File System Fundamentals:
Use, API, and Implementation (II)
Reading: UT: 4.7-4.12
Thu Oct 30 HW8 due 8:45am

Mon Nov 3 File System Types and Consistency and
In-class exam review
Reading: MH: 8.7-8.9, Chapter 5
Optional Reading: The Transaction Concept (Gray)
Wed Nov 5 Exam 2
7p-9p [Last Names A-L in GDC 2.216] and [Last Names M-Z in JGB 2.216]
Thu/Fri Nov 6/7 No Discussion Sections

Mon Nov 10 File System Consistency
and Introduction to Networks
Reading: B&O: Ch11
Congestion Avoidance and Control and
Saltzer and Kaashoek Ch7 (read 6, 9)
Wed Nov 12 Accessing the Network from User Code
(Sockets and RPC)
Reading: MH: 10.3
Thu Nov 13 HW9 due 9:45am
Fri Nov 14 Project 4 available
Project 3 due 11:59pm

Mon Nov 17 Parallel and Distributed Computing
(with Distributed Commit)

10a Happened Before Example
2p Happened Before Example
Reading: UT: 1.5
Ch7-7.4, "Concurrency Control in Database Systems",
      by Bernstein, Hadzilacos, Goodman
Wed Nov 19 Other File Systems Reading: NFS
The Google File System
Thu Nov 20 HW10 due 9:45am

Mon Nov 24 Deadlock Revisited Reading: UT: Chapter 2
Wed Nov 26 No Class
Thu/Fri Nov 27/28 Thanksgiving Break

Mon Dec 1 The Security Mindset Reading: MH: Chapter 11
Why Cryptosystems Fail
Wed Dec 3 Putting It All Together
Thu/Fri Dec 4/5 No Discussion Sections
TAs available for help and review (see Piazza for locations).
Fri Dec 5 Project 4 due 11:59pm
No slip days!

Final Exam on Thursday, 12/11, at 2p in WEL 1.316