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Identifiers_table Class Reference

#include <symbol.h>

Inheritance diagram for Identifiers_table:

SymbolTable< declNode * > List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Identifiers_table ()
bool is_a_type (const string &name)
 SymbolTable (bool is_nested)
void mark_nodes (void)
void reset ()
declNodeinsert (const string &name, declNode *sym)
declNodelookup (const string &name, bool cur_scope_only=false)
void print (FILE *out)
string insert_unique (const string &root, declNode *sym)
void enter_scope ()
void exit_scope ()

Private Member Functions

void shadow (declNode *create, declNode *shadowed)
void notify_exit_scope (declNode *dead)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Identifiers_table::Identifiers_table  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SymbolTable< declNode * >::enter_scope  )  [inherited]

void SymbolTable< declNode * >::exit_scope  )  [inherited]

declNode * SymbolTable< declNode * >::insert const string &  name,
declNode *   sym

string SymbolTable< declNode * >::insert_unique const string &  root,
declNode *   sym

bool Identifiers_table::is_a_type const string &  name  ) 

declNode * SymbolTable< declNode * >::lookup const string &  name,
bool  cur_scope_only = false

void SymbolTable< declNode * >::mark_nodes void   )  [inherited]

void Identifiers_table::notify_exit_scope declNode dead  )  [private, virtual]

Implements SymbolTable< declNode * >.

void SymbolTable< declNode * >::print FILE *  out  )  [inherited]

void SymbolTable< declNode * >::reset  )  [inherited]

void Identifiers_table::shadow declNode create,
declNode shadowed
[private, virtual]

Implements SymbolTable< declNode * >.

SymbolTable< declNode * >::SymbolTable bool  is_nested  )  [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 72 of file symbol.h.

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