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memoryBlock::FieldNameDB Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FieldNameDB ()
int get_field (const string &name)
string field_name (int index)
void stats ()

Static Public Attributes

static int ArrayField

Private Types

typedef map< string, int,
less< string > > 
typedef field_name_map::iterator field_name_map_p

Private Attributes

field_name_map _fields
int _count

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef map< string, int, less< string > > memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::field_name_map [private]

Definition at line 767 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef field_name_map::iterator memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::field_name_map_p [private]

Definition at line 768 of file memoryblock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::FieldNameDB  )  [inline]

Definition at line 777 of file memoryblock.h.

Member Function Documentation

string memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::field_name int  index  ) 

int memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::get_field const string &  name  ) 

void memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::stats  )  [inline]

Definition at line 790 of file memoryblock.h.

References _count.

Member Data Documentation

int memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::_count [private]

Definition at line 771 of file memoryblock.h.

Referenced by stats().

field_name_map memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::_fields [private]

Definition at line 770 of file memoryblock.h.

int memoryBlock::FieldNameDB::ArrayField [static]

Definition at line 775 of file memoryblock.h.

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