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orderedUses Class Reference

#include <memoryaccess.h>

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Public Member Functions

 orderedUses ()
memoryUsefind_use (Location *where) const
void find_uses_at (Location *where, memoryuse_set &uses)
memoryUsemake_use_at (Location *where, memoryBlock *owner)
const pred_use_mapmake_merge_uses_at (basicblockLocation *where, memoryBlock *owner)
void update_def_use_chains ()
void def_uses (memoryDef *def, memoryuse_list &uses)
 Def uses.
void prune (Location *where)
void print (ostream &o) const
void clear ()
void stats (int &total_uses, int &merge_uses)

Private Attributes

memoryuse_map _uses
merge_use_map _merge_uses

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

orderedUses::orderedUses  )  [inline]

Definition at line 476 of file memoryaccess.h.

Member Function Documentation

void orderedUses::clear  ) 

void orderedUses::def_uses memoryDef def,
memoryuse_list uses

Def uses.

Go through the uses and collect the ones that are reached by the given definition.

memoryUse* orderedUses::find_use Location where  )  const

void orderedUses::find_uses_at Location where,
memoryuse_set uses

const pred_use_map& orderedUses::make_merge_uses_at basicblockLocation where,
memoryBlock owner

memoryUse* orderedUses::make_use_at Location where,
memoryBlock owner

void orderedUses::print ostream &  o  )  const

void orderedUses::prune Location where  ) 

void orderedUses::stats int &  total_uses,
int &  merge_uses

void orderedUses::update_def_use_chains  ) 

Member Data Documentation

merge_use_map orderedUses::_merge_uses [private]

Definition at line 472 of file memoryaccess.h.

memoryuse_map orderedUses::_uses [private]

Definition at line 471 of file memoryaccess.h.

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