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memoryblock.h File Reference

#include "pointeroptions.h"
#include "location.h"
#include "memoryaccess.h"
#include "proceduredb.h"
#include "unification.h"
#include <set>

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typedef list< memoryBlock * > memoryblock_list
typedef memoryblock_list::iterator memoryblock_list_p
typedef map< int, memoryBlock *,
less< int > > 
typedef component_map::iterator component_map_p
typedef component_map::const_iterator component_map_cp
typedef vector< memoryBlock * > memoryblock_vector
typedef memoryblock_vector::iterator memoryblock_vector_p
typedef map< stmtLocation *,
typedef callsite_objects_map::iterator callsite_objects_map_p
typedef callsite_objects_map::const_iterator callsite_objects_map_cp
typedef map< procNode *, callsite_objects_mapparameter_assign_map
typedef parameter_assign_map::iterator parameter_assign_map_p

Typedef Documentation

typedef map< stmtLocation *, memoryblock_set > callsite_objects_map

Definition at line 71 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef callsite_objects_map::const_iterator callsite_objects_map_cp

Definition at line 73 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef callsite_objects_map::iterator callsite_objects_map_p

Definition at line 72 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef map< int, memoryBlock *, less< int > > component_map

Definition at line 60 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef component_map::const_iterator component_map_cp

Definition at line 62 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef component_map::iterator component_map_p

Definition at line 61 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef list< memoryBlock * > memoryblock_list

Definition at line 55 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef memoryblock_list::iterator memoryblock_list_p

Definition at line 58 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef vector< memoryBlock * > memoryblock_vector

Definition at line 64 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef memoryblock_vector::iterator memoryblock_vector_p

Definition at line 65 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef map< procNode *, callsite_objects_map > parameter_assign_map

Definition at line 75 of file memoryblock.h.

typedef parameter_assign_map::iterator parameter_assign_map_p

Definition at line 76 of file memoryblock.h.

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