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pointervalue.h File Reference

#include "pointeroptions.h"
#include "location.h"
#include "memorymodel.h"
#include "memoryblock.h"
#include "ipanalysis.h"
#include "handle.h"

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typedef pair< memoryBlock *,
memoryUse * > 
typedef set< pointer_usepointer_use_set
typedef pointer_use_set::iterator pointer_use_set_p
typedef list< pointerValuepointervalue_list
typedef pointervalue_list::iterator pointervalue_list_p

Typedef Documentation

typedef pair< memoryBlock *, memoryUse * > pointer_use

Definition at line 48 of file pointervalue.h.

typedef set< pointer_use > pointer_use_set

Definition at line 49 of file pointervalue.h.

typedef pointer_use_set::iterator pointer_use_set_p

Definition at line 50 of file pointervalue.h.

typedef list< pointerValue > pointervalue_list

Definition at line 151 of file pointervalue.h.

typedef pointervalue_list::iterator pointervalue_list_p

Definition at line 152 of file pointervalue.h.

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