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Unify_Structure Struct Reference

#include <unification.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Unify_Structure (suespecNode *sue, EltMap _m, Unify_Size _s, Unify_Parents _p)
 Unify_Structure (FieldOrder _fo, FieldTypeOrder _fto, EltMap _m, Unify_Size _s, Unify_Parents _p)
Unify_ECRget (declNode *field, Unify_ECR *container)
string map_str ()
string all_str ()

Public Attributes

FieldOrder fo
FieldTypeOrder fto
EltMap m
Unify_Size s
Unify_Parents p

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Unify_Structure::Unify_Structure suespecNode sue,
EltMap  _m,
Unify_Size  _s,
Unify_Parents  _p

Unify_Structure::Unify_Structure FieldOrder  _fo,
FieldTypeOrder  _fto,
EltMap  _m,
Unify_Size  _s,
Unify_Parents  _p

Definition at line 242 of file unification.h.

Member Function Documentation

string Unify_Structure::all_str  ) 

Unify_ECR* Unify_Structure::get declNode field,
Unify_ECR container

string Unify_Structure::map_str  ) 

Member Data Documentation

FieldOrder Unify_Structure::fo

Definition at line 236 of file unification.h.

FieldTypeOrder Unify_Structure::fto

Definition at line 237 of file unification.h.

EltMap Unify_Structure::m

Definition at line 238 of file unification.h.

Unify_Parents Unify_Structure::p

Definition at line 240 of file unification.h.

Unify_Size Unify_Structure::s

Definition at line 239 of file unification.h.

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