UT-Austin Weekly Computer Architecture Seminar

Spring 1999

Location and time:

NOTE: Some of our invited speakers appear as a part of the Distinguished Lectures in Computer Architecture Series. They were chosen in advance by the organizing committee and graciously accepted our invitation to come and speak as a part of the series.

Presentation schedule:

Date Speaker Title Slides/Papers
Feb 8 Ali Poursepanj
Advanced Micro Devices Architecture Lab
Performance Analysis and Workload Characterization of PC systems at AMD Abstract
Feb 22 Brian Grayson
University of Texas at Austin
Architectural Techniques for Improving Fine-grain Multiprocessor Performance Abstract
Slides (PDF)
March 1 Mark McDermott
Intel Corporation
How are we going to design a 400 Million transistor chip? Abstract
March 4
11:00 am, Taylor 3.128
Mark Hill
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Multicast Snooping: A New Coherence Method Using a Multicast Address Network (talk is part of the Less Seminar Series) Abstract
March 22 Glenn Henry
President and CEO, Centaur Technologies
Barriers & Solutions to High-performance x86 Processing Abstract
March 29 Jack Lipovski
University of Texas at Austin
Intelligent DRAM Memories Abstract
April 5 Joel Emer
Compaq Alpha Development Group
A Language for Describing Predictors and Its Use to Automatically Synthesize Them
Guessing with Darwin's Help
April 12 Tom Keller
IBM Austin Research Lab
SimOS: A Full System Simulator for Computer Architects Abstract
Slides (PDF)
April 19 Susan Eggers
University of Washington
Managing Thread-Shared Hardware Resources on Simultaneous Multithreaded Processors Abstract
April 26 John Shen
Carnegie-Mellon University
Replenishing the Microarchitecture Treasure Chest Abstract
Slides (PDF)


Comments? Need to schedule a seminar? Contact Craig Chase, Lizy John, Steve Keckler, or Doug Burger.

This seminar series is organized jointly by the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

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