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Conferences where CS Education Research can be presented

This resource on conferences is still under development. There are undoubtedly other conferences that should be added and additional information that should conferences for the journals I have included. Please send suggestions to me at <>.

Conferences (co-) sponsored by ACM SIGCSE.

  • SIGCSE Technical Symposium
    • Annual conference; 1999 is the30th.
    • Held during February/March in the USA.
    • Focus:
  • ITiCSE (Integrating Technology into CS Education)
    • Annual conference; first held in 1996.
    • Co-sponsored with ACM SIGCUE each year.
    • In 1998, co-sponsored with the Centre for Teaching Computing at Dublin City University (DCU) in association with the Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Computing (CTI) at the University of Ulster
    • Held during June/July/August in Europe.
    • Besides normal conference activities (papers, panels, etc.), the working group component has resulted in a number of reports on various aspects of technology in CS Education.
    • Focus:
  • Australasian Conference on CS Education
    • First held in 1996
    • Held during June/July in Australia.
    • Focus: submissions that describe innovations in teaching computer science, information systems, and information technology, at all tertiary levels.

Conferences (co-) sponsored by ACM SIGCUE.

  • ITiCSE (described above)

CCSC Annual Small College Computing Conferences

  • Regional conferences
  • Regions include Southeastern, Midwest, Rocky Mountain, Northeastern, Central Plains, and South Central

Conference on the Teaching of Computing

  • Annual conference in Ireland, first held in 1993.
  • Sponsored by the Centre for Teaching Computing at Dublin City University (DCU) in association with the Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Computing (CTI) at the University of Ulster.
  • In 1998, joined with ITiCSE (see description above)

Conferences (co-) sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

  • Frontiers in Education
    • First held in 1971.
    • Promotes the widespread dissemination of innovations in engineering education.
    • Sponsored by ASEE's Educational Research & Methods Division, the IEEE Education Society, and the IEEE Computer Society

Events (co-)sponsored by IFIP

  • Technical Committee 3 and its various Working Groups sponsor various events.While some are closed to general attendance, many have an open attendance policy. Examples of upcoming events:
    • Communications and Networking in Education; contact: Matti.Sinko@Helsinki.FI; 14th - 18th June, 1999; Helsinki, Finland ; sponsored by IFIP TC3 WG 3.1, 3.5 and 3.6
    • World Conference on Computers in Education; contact: ; 29th July - 3 August 2001; Copenhagen, Denmark; sponsored by IFIP TC3

Conferences (co-) sponsored by IEEE

  • CSEE&T (Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training)
    • Offered in cooperation with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
    • Starting in 1998, occurs immediately before the SIGCSE Technical Symposium in the same city
    • Focus: Offers educators and industry professionals the opportunity to share and expand their knowledge of software engineering education and training.
  • International Symposium on Computer Employment and Education (ISCEE)
    • The aim of the conference is to draw a global perspective about the future of computer employment/education.
    • ISCEE98, to be held Oct 8-9,1998 in Amiens, France

Empirical Studies of Programmers Workshops

  • Held about every 18 months; first meeting held in 1986.
  • Focus: The original purpose of the workshop was to bring researchers doing empirical studies of programmers together for face to face sharing of ideas. Today the ESP workshop is still the only meeting which focuses exclusively on empirical studies of programming.

Conference on College Teaching and Learning

Conferences (co-)sponsored by NECA

  • NECC (National Educational Computing Conference)
    • Held annually since 1980; occurs during June
    • Sponsored by the National Educational Computing Association
    • Focus: Provide K-12 and university-level educational professionals with an annual forum to learn, exchange, and survey the leaps and bounds being made in the field of education technology. Give participants the unique to discover and share what they need to develop the appropriate use of technology in their classrooms, districts, and universities.
    • Targeted attendees include Teachers, Technology Coordinators and Administrators, Library/Media Specialists, Teacher Educators, Computer Science Teachers and Professors

Conferences (co-)sponsored by ISTE

  • NECC (see description above)

Conferences (co-)sponsored by AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing)

    • World Conference on Educational Multimedia/Hypermedia and Educational Telecommunications
    • Purpose: Serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia/hypermedia and distance education.
  • International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS)
    • 1998 conference co-sponsored with The EduTech Institute at Georgia Tech
    • Purpose: The field of the Learning Sciences is concerned with educational research from the dual perspectives of human cognition and computing technologies, and the application of this research in three integrated areas: design, cognition, and social context.

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