Instructional Computer Labs for 3D Graphics

Most of the assignments in this class are based around OpenGL and/or Linux. For these assignments, it is easiest to use the UTCS department public machines.

I believe that as of this semester, pretty much any of the machines available in any of the labs in GDC listed on the facilities page above are suitable for use in this course. If you find otherwise, please let me know.

If you do not have a CS deparment unix account yet, or if you are not a CS major (in which case you need a departmental TEMPORARY account), apply for one here.

Most of the assignments can also be done using a Windows machine. However, grading is done on departmental Linux machines, so you must port your code to work on the departmental Linux machines and turn it in there, or, if for some reason that cannot be done, you may, with the instructor's permission, make arrangements with the TA to demo your code on a Windows laptop that you provide.

Last modified: 08/27/13 by Don Fussell