Formal Methods in
Computer-Aided Design
2-6 October, 2017
TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

Student Forum

Continuing the tradition of the previous years, FMCAD 2017 is hosting a Student Forum that provides a platform for graduate students at any career stage to introduce their research to the wider Formal Methods community, and solicit feedback.

Submissions for the event must be short reports describing research ideas or ongoing work that the student is currently pursuing, and must be within the scope of FMCAD. Work, part of which has been previously published, will be considered; the novel aspect to be addressed in future work must be clearly described in such cases. All submissions will be reviewed by a select group of FMCAD program committee members.

Accepted Contributions

Authors Contribution
Yulia Demyanova, Thomas Pani, Helmut Veith and Florian Zuleger Empirical Software Metrics for Benchmarking of Verification Tools
Sepideh Asadi, Karine Even-Mendoza, Grigory Fedyukovich, Antti Hyvärinen, Hana Chockler and Natasha Sharygina HiFrog: Interpolation-based Software Verification using Theory Refinement
Thanh Hai Tran and Jure Kukovec Pattern-based abstractions for parameterized model checking of distributed algorithms
David Declerck, Sylvain Conchon and Fatiha Zaidi A Backward Reachability Algorithm for Parameterized Systems on Weak Memory
William Hallahan, Ruzica Piskac and Anton Xue Building a Symbolic Execution Engine for Haskell
Samuel Pastva Discrete Bifurcation Analysis of Reactive Systems
Rohit Dureja and Kristin Yvonne Rozier From One To Many: Checking A Set Of Models
Adrian Rebola Pardo Satisfiability-preserving Reasoning in Software Verification
Ákos Hajdu and Zoltan Micskei Towards Using Multiple Counterexamples for Abstraction Refinement
Yiji Zhang, Lenore Zuck and Kedar Namjoshi An LLVM Refinement Checker and its Applications
Andreas Fellner Model-based, mutation-driven test case generation via heuristic-guided branching search
Lucas Martinelli Tabajara Synthesis via CNF Decomposition
Jaideep Ramachandran Unified Solver Strategy for Floating-Point

Travel Awards

Limited funds will be available for travel assistance for students with accepted contributions. The main author of each contribution will be given priority over other authors, and because of this the main author of the contribution needs to be clearly marked in the submission. Please make sure you hold on to all receipts and boarding passes for reimbursement.

FMCAD Student Forum has been sponsored by the NSF and BMVIT.



The event will consist of short presentations by the student authors of each accepted submission, and of a poster that will be on display throughout the duration of the conference. All participants of the conference are encouraged to attend the talks and approach the students during the poster presentation. However, the clearly marked main author of the contribution will be given priority when selecting the recipients of the student travel awards.


In addition to the poster on display during the conference, accepted submissions will be listed, with title and author name, in the event description in the conference proceedings. The authors will also have the option to upload their poster and presentation to the FMCAD web site. The report itself will not appear in the FMCAD proceedings; thus, the presentation at FMCAD should not interfere with potential future submissions of this research (to FMCAD or elsewhere).

The best contributions (determined by public vote by attendees) will be given public recognition and a certificate at the event.


Submissions must be short reports describing research ideas or ongoing work that the student is currently pursuing. The topic of the reports must be within the scope of the FMCAD conference. Work that has in part been published previously will be considered; the novel aspects to be addressed in future work must be clearly described in such cases.

Submissions should follow the same formatting guidelines as those for regular FMCAD conference submissions, except that the length is limited to 2 pages IEEE format, including all figures and references. The submissions are to be made in PDF format through the FMCAD Easychair page to the track “FMCAD 2017 Student Forum” by July 28:


Advice: Focus on the key idea and try to convey it to the reader in an intuitive way. Provide a clear motivation and emphasize novel concepts/contributions. Avoid unnecessary notational clutter unless it is a widely used formalism and helps to make the paper more concise and clear. Only describe related work that’s absolutely crucial to your contribution: the limited space available should be used to present your work.


Submission deadline: July 28th, 2017
Acceptance notification: August 4th, 2017
Conference date: October 2nd-6th, 2017

Forum Chair

Keijo Heljanko

Email the Forum Chair with questions about the event.