CS 395T (Lam)

Instructor:  Simon S. Lam

Class presentations

Each student will be responsible for presenting 2 assigned papers from the reading list.

Please look over the list of papers and inform the instructor of your preferences for class presentation by 2 p.m., Friday, January 28. Select as many papers as you can (minimum nine). However, do not choose any paper that has been pre-assigned (most will be presented by me) or indicated as background or references.

Use 1 for your first preference, 2 for second preference, and so on. Send your preference list via email to

    lam at cs.utexas.edu

In preparing your presentation, please try to focus on the key idea(s) of a paper. There is no need and we will not have enough time in class to cover every detail discussed in the paper. On the other hand, you will have 45 - 60 minutes for each presentation.  Therefore, you should think about giving a lecture rather than presenting a short conference talk.

For most papers, you can use the following as a guide in preparing your presentation.