CS 395T Reading List (Spring 2011)


Instructor:  Simon S. Lam

Internet congestion control

TCP throughput

1.  Jitendra Padhye, Victor Firoiu, Don Towsley, and Jim Kurose,   <= pre-assigned

     Modeling TCP Throughput: A Simple Model and its Empirical Validation,

     Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM,  1998.   ( pdf )

Reference on earlier work:

R1. Matthew Mathis, Jeffrey Semke, Jamshid Mahdavi,            

      The Macroscopic Behavior of the TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm,

      ACM Computer Communicatons Review, 27(3), pp. 67-82, 1997.  ( pdf )

AIMD extensions

2.  Y. Richard Yang and Simon Lam,                                            <= pre-assigned
     General AIMD Congestion Control
     Proceedings ICNP 2000, Osaka, Japan, November 2000 ( pdf )


R2. Nishanth Sastry and Simon S. Lam,
      CYRF: A Theory of Window-based Unicast Congestion Control,
      IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 13, No. 2,

      pages 330-342, April 2005. ( pdf )

Large bandwidth-delay product

3.  Dina Katabi, Mark Handley, and Charlie Rohrs,

     Internet congestion control for future high bandwidth-delay product environments,

     Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2002. ( pdf )

Protocol design for highly dynamic networks

Hypercube routing

4.  Huaiyu Liu and Simon S. Lam,                                        <= pre-assigned
     Neighbor Table Construction and Update in a Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Network,
     Proceedings IEEE ICDCS 2003, Providence, RI, May 2003. ( pdf )


5.   Simon S. Lam and Huaiyu Liu,                                       <= pre-assigned

      Failure Recovery for Structured P2P Networks: Protocol Design

      and Performance  Evaluation,                                   ( pdf , journal version )

      Proceedings ACM SIGMETRICS 2004, New York City, June 2004.


Distributed Delaunay triangulation

6.   Dong-Young Lee and Simon S. Lam,                              <= pre-assigned

      Efficient and Accurate Protocols for Distributed Delaunay Triangulation under Churn,
      Proceedings IEEE ICNP 2008, Orlando, Florida, October 2008.  ( pdf )

Reference on application:

R3. Dong-Young Lee and Simon S. Lam,

      Protocol Design for Dynamic Delaunay Triangulation,

      Proceedings of 27th IEEE ICDCS, Toronto, June 2007.  ( pdf )

Geographic routing

7.   Simon S. Lam and Chen Qian                                          <= pre-assigned

      Geographic Routing in d-dimensional Spaces with Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch,

      Technical Report TR-10-03, Department of Computer Science,

      The University of Texas at Austin, January 19, 2010; revised, October 29, 2010;

       to appear in Proc. ACM SIGMETRICS 2011. ( pdf )

P2P networks

8.   Haiyong Xie, Yang Richard Yang, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Yanbin Liu, and Avi Silberschatz,

      P4P: Provider Portal for Applications,  

      Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2008. ( pdf )


9.   David R. Choffnes and Fabián E. Bustamante,

      Taming the Torrent: A Practical Approach to Reducing Cross-ISP Traffic in P2P Systems,

      Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2008. ( pdf )

10.  Yan Huang, Tom Z. J. Fu, Dah-Ming Chiu, John C. S. Lui, and Cheng Huang,

      Challenges, Design and Analysis of a Large-scale P2P VoD System,

      Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2008. ( pdf )


11.  Sepandar D. Kamvar, Mario T. Schlosser, Hector Garcia-Molina,

      The EigenTrust Algorithm for Reputation Management in P2P Networks,

      Proceedings WWW 2003, Budapest, Hungary, May 2003. ( pdf )


R4. Seungjoon Lee, Rob Sherwood, Samrat Bhattacharjee,

      Cooperative Peer Groups in NICE,

      Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM, June 2003. ( pdf )

Routing protocols

Network layer

12. Xiaowei Yang and David Wetherall,

     Source Selectable Path Diversity via Routing Deflections,

     Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2006. ( pdf )


13. Murtaza Motiwala, Megan Elmore, Nick Feamster, and Santosh Vempala,

     Path Splicing,

     Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2008. ( pdf )

Background on IP routing table growth:

R5. Tian Bu, Lixin Gao, Donald F. Towsley,

      On characterizing BGP routing table growth,

      Computer Networks 45(1): 45-54, 2004. ( pdf )


R6. X. Meng, Z. Xu, B. Zhang, G. Huston, S. Lu, L. Zhang,

      IPv4 Address Allocation and BGP Routing Table Evolution,

      ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR)

      special issue on Internet Vital Statistics, January, 2005. ( pdf )


Background on IPv6:

R7.  Dan Massey, Lan Wang, Beichuan Zhang, Lixia Zhang,

       A Scalable Routing System Design for Future Internet,

       Proc. ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on IPv6, August 2007. ( pdf )


R8.  Craig A. Shue and Minaxi Gupta,

       Projecting IPv6 Forwarding Characteristics Under Internet-wide Deployment
Proc. ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on IPv6, August 2007. ( pdf )

Link layer

14. Changhoon Kim, Matthew Caesar, and Jennifer Rexford, 
      Floodless in SEATTLE: A Scalable Ethernet Architecture for Large Enterprises,  
      Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2008. ( pdf )

15. Chen Qian and Simon S. Lam,

      Greedy Distance Vector Routing,

      Proceedings of 31st IEEE ICDCS, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2011 (to appear). ( pdf )


Network architectures

Internet traffic growth

16. C. Labovitz, S. lekel-Johnson, J. Oberheide, F. Jahanian,

      Internet Inter-Domain Traffic,

      Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM, 2010. ( pdf )  


A new proposal

17. Van Jacobson, Diana K. Smetters, James D. Thornton, Michael F. Plass,

      Nicholas H. Briggs, and Rebecca L. Braynard,

      Networking Named Content,

      Proceedings ACM CoNext, 2009. ( pdf )

Network Security

Secure group communications

18. Chung Kei Wong, Mohamed Gouda, and Simon S. Lam,      <= pre-assigned

      Secure Group Communications Using Key Graphs,

      Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM '98, Vancouver, B.C., September 1998.

      ( pdf , journal version )

Reference on further work:

R9.  X. Brian Zhang, Simon S. Lam, Don-Young Lee, and Y. Richard Yang,

       Protocol Design for Scalable and Reliable Group Rekeying,

       IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, December 2003. ( pdf )

Efficient digital signatures

19. Chung Kei Wong and Simon S. Lam,                                  <= pre-assigned                           

      Digital Signatures for Flows and Multicasts,

      IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, August 1999. ( pdf )


Ad hoc networks

20. Jiejun Kong, Petros Zerfos, Haiyun Luo, Songwu Lu, Lixia Zhang,

      Providing Robust and Ubiquitous Security Support for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks,

      Proceedings IEEE ICNP 2001. ( pdf )


R10. Adi Shamir, How to Share a Secret, CACM, November 1979. ( pdf )

Sensor networks

21. Wenliang Du, Jing Deng, Yunghsiang S. Han, and Pramod Varshney,

      A Pairwise Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks,
      Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security,

      Washington DC, October 2003. ( pdf )


R11. L. Eschenauer and V. D. Gligor,

      A Key-Management Scheme for Distributed Sensor Networks,

      Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Computer and

      Communication Security, 2002. ( pdf )

Source address validity

22. Jun Li, Jelena Mirkovic, Mengqiu Wang, Peter Reiher, Lixia Zhang,

      SAVE: Source Address Validity Enforcement Protocol,

      Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM 2002. ( pdf )


Prefix hijack

23. Zheng Zhang, Ying Zhang, Y. Charlie Hu, Z. Morley Mao, Randy Bush,

      iSPY: Detecting IP Prefix Hijacking on My Own,

      Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM 2008.  ( pdf )

Network coordinates

Seminal reference:

R12. T. S. Eugene Ng and Hui Zhang,

       Predicting Internet Network Distance with Coordinates-Based Approaches,

       Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '02, New York, NY, June 2002. ( pdf )    

24. Frank Dabek, Russ Cox, Frans Kaashoek and Robert Morris,
      Vivaldi: A Decentralized Network Coordinate System,

      Proceedings SIGCOMM 2004, Portland, Oregon, Aug 2004.  ( pdf )


25. Jonathan Ledlie, Paul Gardner, and Margo Seltzer,

      Network Coordinates in the Wild,

      Proc. 4th USENIX Symposium on Network Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI),

      Cambridge, MA, April 2007. ( pdf )

Tools for protocol design

Forward error correction

26. Luigi Rizzo,

      Effective Erasure Codes for Reliable Computer Communication Protocols,

      ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, April 1997.  ( pdf )


Bloom filter

27. A. Broder and M. Mitzenmacher,

      Network applications of Bloom filters: A survey,

      Internet Mathematics, vol. 1 no. 4, pp. 485-509, 2004. ( pdf )

First application of Bloom filter:

 R13. Li Fan, Pei Cao, Jussara Almeida, Andrei Broder
        Summary Cache: A Scalable Wide-Area Web Cache Sharing Protocol

        IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 8, No. 3, June 2000. ( pdf )

Shared congestion detection

28. Min Sik Kim, Taekhyun Kim, Yongjune Shin, Simon S. Lam, and Edward J. Powers,

      A Wavelet-based Approach to Detect Shared Congestion,

      Proceedings ACM SIGCOMM '04, Portland, Oregon, Aug. 30-Sept.3, 2004. ( pdf )

Reference on further work:

R14. Min Sik Kim, Taekhyun Kim, YongJune Shin, Simon S. Lam, and Edward J. Powers,

       Scalable Clustering of Internet Paths by Shared Congestion,
       Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM  2006, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006. ( pdf )

Time synchronization

29. Omer Gurewitz, Israel Cidon, and Moshe Sidi,
      Network Time Synchronization Using Clock Offset Optimization,
      Proceedings ICNP 2003, Atlanta, Georgia, 2004. ( pdf )