Student Research Supervision

Current graduate students

Graduated PhD students Microsoft Interns

Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Samuel Guyer, 2003--2005, Associate Professor, Tufts (2014).
  • Nicholas Nethercote, 2005, Mozilla (2014).
  • Stephen M Blackburn, 1999--2002, Professor, ANU (2014).
  • Masters Thesis
  • Varun Srivastava, advised with Vitaly Shmatikov, Static Analysis for Finding Security Inconsistencies Between Similar Implementations, 2010.
  • Byeongcheol Lee , Call Graph Construction Using Control Flow Constraints, 2006.
  • Sundeep Kumar Kushwaha , Instruction Scheduling for EDGE Architectures, 2005.
  • Subramaniam Venkiteswaran , Cooperative Caching for Spatial and Temporal Loads, 2005.
  • Stephanie Coleman, "Selecting Tile Sizes Based on Cache and Data Organization," 1994.
  • Undergraduate Honors Thesis
  • James Bornholt, 2013, Abstractions and Techniques for Programming with Uncertain Data, Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) at The Australian National University, advised with Todd Mytkowicz and Stephen M. Blackburn,
  • Student Awards