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Class QueryVPIndex

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public class QueryVPIndex
extends Object

This is a utility class to query a VPIndex. It, taking command line parameters, runs a set of query on the given index and compute the average performance. main function to evaluate the query performance of an Index The eveluation is done by run a set of query on the Index, and compute the average performance statistics, such as number of distance calculation, number of index node visited (#I/O), and search time. The command line interface to bulkload one Index, or a series of Indexes for scalability study. -d [location of "mobiosData" directory; default: current directory] -i [index filename] -q [query filename] -r [search radius; default: 0] -pl [length of the path distance list; default: 0] -v [1; verify search results against a linear scan, 0: do not verify results; default: 0] -o [results filename, optional-- if not specified, results will not be saved] -g [debug level; default: 0] advanced options: -f [offset of first query to be used in the query file, start from 0, inclusive] -l [offset of last query to be used in the query file, exclusive] -minr [minimum search radius] -maxr [maximum search radius] -st [step size for search radii]

Rui Mao, Willard

Constructor Summary
QueryVPIndex(String[] args)
Method Summary
 mobios.db.Table getTable(File queryDataFile, int querySize, mobios.db.Table dataTable)
static void main(String[] args)
 void query()
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Constructor Detail


public QueryVPIndex(String[] args)
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)

args -


public mobios.db.Table getTable(File queryDataFile,
                                int querySize,
                                mobios.db.Table dataTable)


public void query()

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