Mobios v0.91

Package mobios.type

Interface Summary
Symbol Interface Symbol is implemented for the characters of a biosequence alphabet.

Class Summary
Alphabet An alphabet represents a collection of Symbols for a specific Sequence type.
DNA A DNA is a compact representation of a DNA sequence.
DoubleIndexObjectPair Wraps a double and an IndexObject.
DoubleVector This class represents space vectors, where each element is a double.
Fragment TODO
Image TODO This is the key of Image.
Pair A simple wrapper to wrap two object together.
Peptide A Peptide is a compact representation of a AminoAcids sequence(Peptide).
RNA A compact representation of an RNA sequence.
Sequence A compact representation of sequences of small alphabets whose indices fit within a valid byte range.
Spectra Represents a spectra.
TandemSpectra TandemSpectra represents a given spectra and its attached precursor mass.

Enum Summary

Mobios v0.91

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