currently enabled rules as of logical name
Major Section:  THEORIES

(current-theory :here)
(current-theory 'lemma3)
See logical-name.

General Form:
(current-theory logical-name)
Returns the current theory as it existed immediately after the introduction of logical-name provided it is evaluated in an environment in which the variable symbol WORLD is bound to the current ACL2 logical world, (w state). Thus,
ACL2 !>(current-theory :here)
will cause an (unbound variable) error while
ACL2 !>(let ((world (w state))) (current-theory :here))
will return the current theory in world.

See theories and see logical-name for a discussion of theories in general and why the commonly used ``theory functions'' such as current-theory are really macros that expand into terms involving the variable world.

The theory returned by current-theory is in fact the theory selected by the in-theory event most recently preceding logical name, extended by the rules introduced up through logical-name.

You may experience a fencepost problem in deciding which logical name to use. Deflabel can always be used to mark unambiguously for future reference a particular point in the development of your theory. The order of events in the vicinity of an encapsulate is confusing. See encapsulate.

This ``function'' is actually a macro that expands to a term mentioning the single free variable world. When theory expressions are evaluated by in-theory or the :in-theory hint, world is bound to the current ACL2 world.