show the most recently saved output
Major Section:  OTHER

For a similar utility, see pso. Like :pso, the :psof command prints output that was generated in an environment where output was being saved, typically gag-mode; also see set-saved-output. But unlike :pso, :psof takes a filename argument and saves output to that file, instead of to the terminal. For large proofs, :psof may complete more quickly than :pso. Note that as with :pso, proof-tree output will be suppressed.

The first line of output from :psof directs the Emacs editor to use auto-revert mode. You can change the frequency of auto-reverting the buffer connected to a file by evaluating a suitable command in Emacs. For example, the command (setq auto-revert-interval .1) arranges for auto-revert mode to update as needed every 1/10 of a second.