MDELite is a back-to-basics approach for teaching principles of Model Driven Engineering (MDE), in particular models, metamodels, M2M, M2T, T2M transformations, constraints, and bootstrapping.  No complex Eclipse MDE tools are needed.  In fact, MDELite was created to avoid using Eclipse MDE tools for undergraduate software design class (as I and students had a LOT of problems using them -- problems to the point where I will never use Eclipse MDE tools again).

The ideas of MDELite are to use:

  1. Relational databases to express models and metamodels;

  2. Prolog to express constraints and M2M transformations;

  3. Java tools to implement M2T and T2M transformations; and

  4. OO shell-scripting languages (or Java) to compose MDE transformations.

Publications on MDELite can be found here.

A zip file of the NetBeans project of the current version of MDELite is here.  It is has stub files for Prolog constraints for model validation.  (The reason -- filling in these constraints will be part of undergraduate programming assignments). 

The complete version is here (but you'll need a login-password combination to access it).  Contact Don Batory ( for this combination.