MDELite and Catalina

MDELite is a back-to-basics approach for teaching principles of Model Driven Engineering (MDE).  No complex Eclipse MDE tools are needed; MDELite was created to avoid using Eclipse MDE tools for undergraduate software design class (as I and students had a LOT of problems using them -- problems to the point where I will never use Eclipse MDE tools again).

The ideas of MDELite are to use:

1.   Relational databases to express models and metamodels,
2.   Prolog to express constraints and M2M transformations,
3.   Java tools to implement M2T and T2M transformations, and
4.   OO shell-scripting languages (or Java) to compose MDE transformations.

Publications on MDELite can be found here.

Catalina  Download

Catalina is a next-generation version of MDELite.  All you need is:
Now, if you want to view some documentation directly (there are links to other files which are in the Jars-plus-documentation, but not on-line otherwise), visit:
Finally, if you are interested in the source, here it is:

MDELite Download

MDELite is no longer supported, but its code is available for all to use. A zip file of the NetBeans project of the last version of MDELite is here.