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architectures, analysis, aspects, categories, commuting diagrams, computational design, derivatives, Dense Linear Algebra (DLA),
Design by Transformation (DxT), design rules, Design Rule Checking (DRC), evolution, feature interactions, feature models, geodesic,
higher-order transformations, kubes, MDA, MDD, MDE, mixin layers, optimization, optional feature problem, origami, refactoring,
streaming, safe composition, semantics, testing, UML, verification, wizards, P3 (P1/P2/P3/DiSTiL data structure generator).

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D. Batory, E. Latimer, and M. Azanza. Teaching Model Driven Engineering from a Relational Database Perspective . Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS) 2013.

We reinterpret MDE from the viewpoint of relational databases to provide an alternative way to teach, understand, and demonstrate MDE using concepts and technologies that should be familiar to undergraduates. We use (1) relational databases to express models and metamodels, (2) Prolog to express constraints and M2M transformations, (3) Java tools to implement M2T and T2M transformations, and (4) OO shell-scripting languages to compose MDE transformations. Case studies demonstrate the viability of our approach.