Mobile Computing

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Date Topic Assignments
Wed 01/17 Course Intro, Java review, App overview
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]

HW 0 out
What is Android?
Video tutorial 1: Creating a Simple App. Feel free to listen at 1.25x or 1.5x, the video speed controller plugin for Chrome gives you even more control.Older version

Mon 01/22 GUI widgets, layout, icons and drawables, Toolbar, menu
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]

HW 0 due start of class
Java review quiz
HW 1 out
Video tutorial 2: Widgets
Video tutorial 3: Linear and relative layouts
Android Docs: Setting up the app bar
Video tutorial 4: Icons and video assets
      Older tutorial 4: Image assets focusing on pngs
Video tutorial 5: Menu and search

Wed 01/24 Flipped classroom - Layout

Watch the video and look at web pages BEFORE class
Video: Layout flipped classroom (FC0 - layout) requirements
Android Docs: Linear Layout
Android Docs: Relative Layout
Android Docs: Constraint Layout
External Constraint Layout Tutorial

Mon 01/29 Implicit intents, activities, activity lifecycle, explicit intents
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]
[pdf 3]

HW 1 due start of class
HW 2 out
Android Docs: Implicit intents
Video tutorial 6: Implicit intents
Android Docs: Activity lifecycle
Android Docs: Intents
Video tutorial: Explicit intent example

Wed 01/31 Flipped classroom - Activities and Intents

Watch the video BEFORE class
Video tutorial 7: Explicit intents flipped classroom

Mon 02/05 List view, media files
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]

HW 2 due start of class
HW 3 out
Video Tutorial: Introduction to ListView
Video Tutorial: ListView with custom Adapter and XML layout

Wed 02/07 Flipped classroom - ListView/RecyclerView

Video ListView/RecyclerView flipped classroom demo
External tutorial on RecyclerView
Android Docs: RecylerView and Cards

Mon 02/12 Fragments, Orientation
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2] [pptx 2]

HW 3 due at midnight

HW 4 out
Course survey, please give us your feedback
Android Docs: Fragments
Video tutorial: Fragment example

Tue 02/13 HW3 due

HW 3 due at midnight

Wed 02/14 More Fragments, Orientation, Threading

Managing Threads and Custom Services

Mon 02/19 Flipped classroom - Fragments

HW 4 due at midnight

HW 5 out
Video tutorial: Fragment flipped classroom
Android docs: Parcelables and Bundles
Fragment transaction

Wed 02/21 Preferences, Files
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]
Thu 02/22 HW 4 due at midnight

HW 4 due at midnight

Mon 02/26 Finish threading, callbacks, Preferences


Wed 02/28 Preferences, Files, JSON, UI Tricks
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]
[pdf 3]
[pdf 4]

Project Ideas Due at start of class
Key Principles of Software Architecture

Mon 03/05 AsyncTask, Callbacks, Drawables
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]

HW 5 due start of class

Android Docs: AsyncTask
Project Ideas Due at start of class
Key Principles of Software Architecture

Wed 03/07 Flipped classroom - AsyncTask

HW 5 due at midnight
Video demo for HW5

Mon 03/12 Spring Break
Wed 03/14 Spring Break
Mon 03/19 NavigationDrawer, Firebase, Authentication
Wed 03/21 Flipped classroom - Firebase

Sign up here for brief demo on Wednesday (3pm-7pm, 04/04)
Useful web links for firebase
Guide to setting up Firebase for your flipped classroom
Video tutorial 12: Firebase demo

Mon 03/26 Guest lecture, Brent Waters
Wed 03/28 Databases and SQL
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]
Mon 04/02 Content providers

Android Docs: Content provider basics

Wed 04/04 Flipped classroom - SQL/Databases

Project deliverable DUE, sign up above
Sign up here for final demo
Android Docs: SQLiteDatabase

Mon 04/09 Maps
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]
Wed 04/11 Flipped classroom - Maps

Android docs: Signing apps
Video: SHA-1 certificate fingerprint generation for Android
Video: Generating a Google API key and using it for maps
Video: Maps flipped classroom demo
Android Docs: Geocoder

Mon 04/16 Guest from industry (Sam Tipton from RetailMeNot - Architectural Components)
Wed 04/18 Guest from industry (Matt Wear, Jonathan Chew and Nathan Chapman from HomeAway - GraphQL And Apollo)
Mon 04/23 Practice exam and review
Wed 04/25 Exam in UTC 4.110
Mon 04/30 Guest from industry (Brian Howard from InMotion Software - Kotlin)
Wed 05/02 Project demos/Exam review

Project writeup (hard copy) due at start of class

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