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Supervised Teaching in Computer Science

Welcome! This is the course website for CS398T: Supervised Teaching in Computer Science for Fall 2019. If you're here, you are probably one of our incoming Ph.D. students, and we are very glad to have you!

This website is intended to provide information about course design, expectations, and procedures. We will also provide more detailed information in class. We will be using Piazza for course communication.

Course Description: This class is designed to introduce new PhD students to research activities in the department, assist them in finding a faculty advisor, and train them to be effective teaching assistants.

Schedule: The meetings for this course are weighted towards the beginning of the semester, as we make every effort to provide the students with the tools they need as soon as possible.

For approximately half of the course, our in-class meetings will consist of research talks by several CS faculty members. The purpose of these talks is to familiarize you with the cutting-edge research happening in our department, so that you may gain a larger understanding of the field and so that you may begin selecting a research advisor for your Ph.D.

The other half of the course meetings, both the two evening meetings in September and the remainder of the in-class meetings, will focus on preparing you to be an effective teacher.

Once the meetings are complete, you will participate in independent study with your chosen advisor for the rest of the semester. A detailed schedule is included on this website.

Time and Place: Tuesday and Thursday, 11a-12:30p, GDC 2.216
                            Wednesday, 9/4 and 9/18, 7p-9p, GDC 1.304
Attendance is required at all class meetings.

     Dr. Alison N. Norman (ans"at"cs), GDC 6.310.
     Dr. William Cook (wcook"at"cs), GDC 5.824.

Communication Class announcements will be posted on Piazza or sent via email through Canvas or the UT system. Please be certain to regularly check both your CS email account and the email address you registered with UT as your official address.

Prerequisites: Admittance to the UTCS Ph.D. program.

Assessment: In this class, you are evaluated on a credit/no credit basis.

To obtain credit for this course, you:

Excused absences may be granted for events such as conference travel. You must obtain approval from the instructor prior to missing class.

If absent from a TA Training session, you must make up the material with Dr. Norman.

Course Links:
Piazza (CS398T)