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CS398T Fall 2017

Supervised Teaching in Computer Science

Welcome! This is the course website for CS398T: Supervised Teaching in Computer Science for Fall 2017.

Time and Place: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30p-2p, GDC 6.202

     Prof. William Cook (wcook"at"cs), GDC 5.824.
     Dr. Alison N. Norman (ans"at"cs), GDC 6.310.

Prerequisites: All entering Ph.D. students will take this course.

Course Description: The class will meet for the first 10-12 weeks of the semester, and the students will participate in independent study for the rest of the semester.

For approximately the first half of the course, there will be research talks by several CS faculty members. For the rest of the course, the course will cover topics related to teaching and TA training.

Attendance is required at all class meetings.

To obtain credit for this course, a student must attend scheduled lectures, must meet with various faculty to identify a research advisor for next semester, and must acquire a signature from one faculty member who agrees to advise that student through a CS395 research course for the next semester.

Class announcements will be posted on Piazza or sent via email through Canvas or the UT system. Please be certain to regularly check both your CS email account and the email address you registered with UT as your official address.

Course Links:
Piazza (CS398T)