Cryptography - CS 388H

Fall 2012

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to familiarize the students with a foundational background in cryptography. Topics will include foundations, public key cryptography, secure formalization, symmetric key cryptography and zero knowledge proofs.

Key components of this course are understanding how to precisely formulate security definitions and how to rigoursly prove theorems. This course is designed to be a challenging theory course.


Details about the class, schedule, and grading policy are contained in the class syllabus .

Contact Information and Office Hours

Instructor: Prof. Brent Waters
Office: ACES 3.438
Office Hours: Monday after class

TA: Yannis Rouselakis
Office Hours Location: Painter 5.33, desk 1
Office Hours Time:W 3-4, F 11-12:30

Class Time: M,W 11-12:30
Class Location: RLM 5.120

Please try to first see if questions can be resolved with email to the TA.

Class notes

A set of course notes were taken by in 2009. The material and the way it is presented has naturally evolved over time, however, much of it is similar and these can serve as a supplement to a student's own notes.