CS 395 T
Advanced Cryptography

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The class will be organized into approximately 25 lectures days and 5 days of student presentations. Below is an approximate schedule for the lecture days; however, this is subject to change as the course proceeds.

Lecture Topics

Part 1: Public Key Encryption, Identity-Based Encryption and More

Lecture 1: Class Introduction
Lecture 2: Public Key Encryption and Number Theory Background
Lecture 3: Identity-Based Encryption and the Boneh-Franklin IBE system ( Boneh-Franklin paper)
Lecture 4: Removing Random Oracles From IBE I: The Boneh-Boyen system (Boneh-Boyen paper)
Lecture 5: Removing Random Oracles II: The Waters' IBE system
Lecture 6: Chosen Ciphertext Secure Encryption and IBE

Class Presentations

Lecture 7: Discussion of Class Presentations

Part 2: Signatures

Lecture 8: Basic Definitions and Constructions
Lecture 9: One-Time Signatures and Generic Constructions
Lecture 10: Aggregate Signatures
Lecture 11: Removing Random Oracles
Lecture 12: RSA Signatures-- Full Domain Hash and Strong RSA
Lecture 13: Short Signatures from Standard Assumptions

Part 3: Homomorphic Encryption, Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge and Applications

Lecture 14: Homomorphic Encryption
Lecture 15: Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs and the Groth, Ostrovksy, and Sahai system
Lecture 16: Group signatures; an application of NIZKs

Part 4: Broadcast Systems

Lecture 17: Broadcast Encryption
Lecture 18: Traitor Tracing

Part 5: Multi-Party Computation

Lecture 19: Oblivious Transfer: Definitions and Constructions
Lecture 20: Multi-Party Computation
Lecture 21: Zero Knowledge

Part 6: Class Choice

The last part of the class will be set aside for topics of the students choice. In addition, the extra time will be used for any lectures that spill over schedule. At a later point in time I will post a list of potential topics.
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