Students Who’ve Worked With Me / Dana Moshkovitz


PhD students:

Henry Yuen, MIT 2012-2016, now post-doc at UC Berkeley. Starts as an assistant professor at the University of Toronto in Fall 2018.

Govind Ramnarayan, MIT, 2015-present.

Ridwan Syed, UT Austin, 2016-present.

Justin Oh, UT Austin, 2016-present.


Masters students:

Pasin Manurangsi, MIT 2014-2015, now PhD student at UC Berkeley


Undergraduates: At MIT I’ve worked with a large number of undergraduate students; some of them worked with me for a few years and co-authored papers with me.

Bristy Sikder, Spring 2016

Yinzhan Xu, Spring-Summer 2016

Ofer Grossman, 2014-2015

Lena Abdalla, Summer 2015

Kevin Tian, Fall 2014 (+undergraduate thesis)

Kai Xiao, Fall 2014

Ben Zinberg, IAP 2014

Gil Goldshlager, Spring 2014 – Undergraduate research award!

Pasin Manurangsi, 2012-2013 - Undergraduate research award!

Adam Yedidia, 2012-2013

Siyao Xu, 2012-2013