Joshua Cook: Welcome to my Website!

Picture of me sitting on a stone bench. Picture of me in a tree. Headshot of me in a white room during the pandemic. Picture of me in a park with a mask.

Personal Statement

My name is Joshua Cook, I am a PhD student studying complexity theory at the university of Texas at Austin under Dana Moshkovitz. If you wanted to see what I look like, you came to the right place (as of this writing)! Though if you just wanted my contact information, that's fine too.

If you are actually interested in any of my work, I'm glad you're here. I do comics, and research in complexity theory. This is my "professional" website, so I'll mostly use it to keep contact information and list my publications, or any other miscellaneous research, or academic things. will hold most of my non research related things.

Contact Info


A speaker with a duckbill taped to it. A speaker with a duckbill taped to it.

Artistic Interests

Outside of my research, I do web comics at Think somewhere between xkcd and smbc with a bunch of complexity theory thrown in.

I also occasionally make children's books or shirt designs, and other random things. If you are interested in any of that, they are linked from, and I will update there more regularly.

More About Me

Wow, really? You want to know something else about me? Well, why not give you my life story?

I was born and raised in a small town in Missouri until I 11, when I moved to North Carolina. I was held back a grade as a child due to speech issues (mostly severe stuttering). I was home schooled from the second grade until I got my GED at 17.

My academic career began in earnest at a local community college called Sandhills Community College. There I got an associates degree in simulation and game design before transferring to NC State. While at Sandhills, I made several android apps under "cryospeedindustries". I haven't maintained these, so they are currently unavailable on the google play store unfortunately. I also interned at a small start up game company called SOF studios.

At NC State, I doubled majored in computer science and mathematics. While at NC State, I did competitive programming for fun and did research under Collin Lynch in intelligent tutoring systems. I also interned with Amazon, who offered me a job.

I worked at Amazon for 2 years in SCOT: Supply Chain Optimization Technology. In particular, our team was SandOP: Sales and Operations Planning. I created software that helped Amazon Fulfillment Centers plan for its labor. While at Amazon, I got free time to work on other projects. I got to take some classes at UT Austin, started making comics, and did internal events like making a quantum computing capture the flag category at a company wide security conference.

And finally, I was accepted into UT Austin's PhD program researching under Dana Moshkovitz researching complexity theory and pseudorandomness.

Miscellaneous Things About Me

I like bouldering, virtual reality, and computer hardware. I'm passionate about criminal justice reform and anti-racism. Cinnamon is my favorite spice, I can put both of my legs behind my head, I'm not sure what else you want from me. Gender: cat.

Please Stop Reading

If you are reading this, why? I asked you to stop. I told you, my life's story, other interesting things about me, gave you my contact information and links to my work and my comics. What more do you want from me?

Still here? Okay, maybe you'll leave after a joke? Two Jaguars walk into a bar. All the customers freak out, but the bar owner says to calm down, they have the cash. All of the customers freeze not knowing what to do, but the Jaguars just go up to the bar and drop a bloody wallet. The bar owner takes the wallet and gives the two Jaguars steak. At this point one of the customers turns around and exits the bar. One of the Jaguars watches intently as he does. 1 hour later, the Jaguars return with another wallet.

There, did that scare you off? No? Well was it funny? Okay, eventually I have to stop writing. I'm very busy and can't waste it on stuff like this. And yet you still read! The nerve. If I am being honest, I am quite upset with you. Just reading and reading after I asked you to leave.

Okay, maybe a story will make you leave? One person walks into a bar. The waiter asks
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

You read through that whole story and you are still here? But I prepared such a long, intricate, procedurally generated story. It is clear that I won't outlast you. So to that I say, good day. I hope you got some enjoyment out of this. I'm leaving.


That didn't work? Okay, fine. You actually win. This is definitely, really the end. Yep. I definitely didn't put any more hidden text in this web page. No sir. I wouldn't do that.

Okay, well if you want to see more, here I am in three different realities. One where I am single, one where I am married to a ball of hair, and one when I'm married to my beautiful wife.

A picture of me at Atlanta's botanical garden with my wife who is facing away from the camera. A picture of me at Atlanta's botanical garden. A picture of me at Atlanta's botanical garden with my wife facing the camera.