CS 302 Computer Fluency
Elaine Rich

Hello You


A classic first programming assignment is to write the “Hello World” program.   Hello World does one simple thing: it prints the message “Hello World”.   Our Python book opens instead with the “Game Over” (the title of a 2003 documentary about the 1997 Deep Blue/Garry Kasparov match) program.  You will find it described starting on p. 15.


For your first program, you should write the “Hello You” program.  Hello You works just like Game Over except that it should print:


            Hello <your name>.  Welcome!


Your program does not need to read any input.  You will hardwire your name (in any form you like) into your program.


You should start by creating a new module that contains the code from one of the Game Over programs in the book.  (You can choose.)  Then modify it so that it produces the output you wish it to generate.


Remember that, if you have an IDLE window open with your module in it, you can run it by chosing Run > Run Module.


At a minimum, your program should print out a single line with your name.  But you are welcome to use some of the techniques in Chapter 2 to print a more interesting display.


You will turn in your program using the turnin system described in: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~scottm/cs307/turnin.html.