UT Austin Computer Vision Group

Jan 19, 2019
This AI produces binaural (2.5D) audio.  Two Minute Papers
Dec 26, 2018
Deep learning turns mono recordings into immersive sound.  MIT Technology Review.
Feb 27, 2018
A new data trove could teach computers to tell blind people what they need to know.  MIT Technology Review.
Jan 11, 2014
Machine learning to process, analyse video content, by Drew Turney - The Sydney Morning Herald
Sept 21, 2013
Stop, Rewind, Summarize, by Daniel Akst - Wall Street Journal
Sept 24, 2013
Video algorithm may help elderly, memory-impaired, by Madlin Mekelburg - The Daily Texan
Sept 3, 2013 Boiling down the stories that wearable cameras are telling, by Daniel Oppenheimer - College of Natural Sciences News
August 4, 2010 Seeing anew, by Daniel Oppenheimer - Texas Science News