Kristen Grauman

Kristen Grauman

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

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We (Dinesh Jayaraman, Sergey Levine, and I) are organizing a workshop at ECCV 2016 on Action and Anticipation for Visual Learning

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, where I lead the UT-Austin Computer Vision Group.  I received my Ph.D. from MIT in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 2006. 

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My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning.  In general, the goal of computer vision is to develop the algorithms and representations that will allow a computer to autonomously analyze visual information.   I am especially interested in learning and recognizing visual object categories, and scalable methods for content-based retrieval and visual search.

Large amounts of interconnected visual data (images, videos) are readily available---but we donít yet have the tools to easily access and analyze them.  My groupís research aims to remove this disparity, and transform how we retrieve and evaluate visual information.  This requires robust methods to recognize objects, actions, and scenes, and to automatically organize and search images and videos based on their content.  Key research issues that we are exploring are scalable search for meaningful similarity metrics, unsupervised visual discovery, and cooperative learning between machine and human vision systems.
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Graduate Students
Suyog Jain (PhD expected 2016)
Dinesh Jayaraman
Aron Yu

Bo Xiong
Yu-Chuan Su
Ruohan Gao
Postdoc Danna Gurari

Graduated Students Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan Ph.D. (2011), Bert Kay Dissertation Award from the Dept of CS.  Now at Google Research.
Yong Jae Lee Ph.D. (2012) Postdoctoral Associate at UC-Berkeley.  Now Assistant Professor at UC-Davis.
Jeff Donahue, B.S., Turing Scholars Honors Thesis (2011).  Now a Ph.D. student at UC-Berkeley.
Andy Luong, B.S., Turing Scholars Honors Thesis (2011), Best Undergraduate Thesis Award.   Now at Microsoft.
Lucy Liang, B.S., Turing Scholars Honors Thesis (2012), Best Undergraduate Thesis Award.  Now at Microsoft.
Nona Sirakova, B.S.,
Turing Scholars Honors Thesis (2013).  Now a Masters student at University of Washington.
Tomas McCandless, B.S.
Turing Scholars Honors Thesis (2013).
Sunil Bandla, M.S. (2013) Now at Apex Clearing.
Jaechul Kim Ph.D. (2013).  Now at Amazon Research.
Sung Ju Hwang  Ph.D. (2013).  Now Assistant Professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology.
Adriana Kovashka Ph.D. (2014).  Now Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh.
Chao-Yeh Chen  Ph.D. (2016).  Now at Google.

Former Visitors
Devi Parikh Visiting Research Fellow, 2010-2011 Now Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech
Lu Zheng  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2012-2013Now Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong
Boqing Gong, Visiting PhD student from Prof. Fei Sha's lab, 2012.  Now Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida

Professional Service Associate Editor in Chief: PAMI
Program Chair: CVPR 2015 Boston

Editorial Board: IJCV
Area Chair: CVPR 2009, ICCV 2009, ICCV 2011, ECCV 2012, ACCV 2012, NIPS 2012, CVPR 2013, ICCV 2013, ECCV 2014, ICML 2015, ICML 2016, ECCV 2016

Program Committee / Reviewer: CVPR 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016; ICCV 2007, 2015; ECCV 2008, 2010; NIPS 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
, 2015, AAAI 2011, 2014, SIGGRAPH 2014

CS 381V: Visual Recognition (Fall 2016) -- a Diversity course for CS PhD students
CS 381V: Visual Recognition (Spring 2016) -- a Diversity course for CS PhD students
CS 378H: Honors Machine Learning and Vision (Fall 2015)
CS 343H: Honors Artificial Intelligence (Spring 2014)
Short Course / Tutorial on Attributes at CVPR 2013

CS395T Visual Recognition (Fall 2012)  -- a Diversity course for CS PhD students
CS 395T Visual Recognition (Fall 2011) -- a Diversity course for CS PhD students
CS 376: Computer Vision (Spring 2011)
CS 395T: (Special Topics in) Computer Vision : Object Recognition (Spring 2010)
CS 378: Computer Vision (Fall 2009)                
CS 395T: Visual Recognition and Search (Spring 2009)
CS 378: Computer Vision (Fall 2008)
AAAI 2008 Tutorial on Visual Recognition, co-taught with Bastian Leibe (July 2008) 
CS 395T: Visual Recognition and Search (Spring 2008)
CS 378 / 395T: Computer Vision (Fall 2007)
CS 395T: Object Recognition (Spring 2007)
Introduction to Computer Science, for the Womenís Technology Program (MIT, Summer 2005)

grauman, at sign, cs dot utexas dot edu (best way to contact me)
Campus office:
GDC 4.726 (south building)
Mailing address:
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin       
2317 Speedway
Austin, TX 78712-1757
Campus mail:
Mail code D9500

Office of Naval Research
National Science Foundation
Google Research
Henry Luce Foundation
Sloan Foundation
Intel Labs

Note to prospective students If you are a prospective student interested in computer vision research at UT-Austin, please read about our graduate admissions process.  It is not necessary to contact me.  Unfortunately, I am not able to respond to emails about applications to our graduate program.  If you are applying to the CS department and are interested in my research group, please state this in your statement of purpose

I do not have summer internship positions or visiting researcher positions at this time, with or without funding.