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Public Member Functions

 Identifier (const FileIdentifier &dir, const string &function_name, const il::namespace_context &ns, il::function_type *signature, language_type language)
 Identifier (const Identifier &enclosing_fun_id, int loop_id)
 Identifier (const Identifier &other)
string to_string (char dir_separator= '/') const
bool operator== (const Identifier &other) const
bool operator< (const Identifier &other) const
const string & get_function_name () const
const il::namespace_contextget_namespace () const
il::function_typeget_function_signature () const
Identifier get_function_identifier () const
const FileIdentifierget_file_id () const
language_type get_language () const
bool is_loop_id () const
bool is_function_id () const
int get_loop_id () const
bool is_empty () const


class boost::serialization::access
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const Identifier &obj)

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