il::function_call_expression Class Reference

A function call. More...

#include <function_call_expression.h>

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il::expression il::node

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Public Member Functions

 function_call_expression (string fn_name, namespace_context ns, type *fn_signature, vector< expression * > &args, type *t, bool is_no_return, bool is_alloc, bool is_operator_new, bool is_dealloc, bool is_constructor, bool is_destructor, expression *vtable_lookup_expr, long int vtable_index, location loc)
virtual string to_string () const
virtual string get_function ()
virtual typeget_signature ()
const namespace_contextget_namespace ()
virtual vector< expression * > & get_arguments ()
bool is_exit_function ()
bool is_allocator ()
bool is_operator_new ()
bool is_deallocator ()
bool is_constructor ()
bool is_destructor ()
bool is_call_to_virtual () const
bool has_return ()
expressionget_vtable_lookup_expr ()
int get_vtable_index ()


class boost::serialization::access

Detailed Description

A function call.

Member Function Documentation

vector< expression * > & il::function_call_expression::get_arguments (  )  [virtual]
arguments used in the function call
string il::function_call_expression::get_function (  )  [virtual]
name of the called function
const namespace_context & il::function_call_expression::get_namespace (  ) 

@ return the namespace associated with the called function.

type * il::function_call_expression::get_signature (  )  [virtual]
signature of the called function
bool il::function_call_expression::has_return (  ) 
Does the called function have a return value according to its signature?
bool il::function_call_expression::is_allocator (  ) 
Is this a memory allocator?
bool il::function_call_expression::is_constructor (  ) 

Is this a call to a contructor?

bool il::function_call_expression::is_deallocator (  ) 

Is this a call to a memory deallocator?

bool il::function_call_expression::is_destructor (  ) 

Is this a call to a destructor?

bool il::function_call_expression::is_exit_function (  ) 
Does the called function abort execution?
bool il::function_call_expression::is_operator_new (  ) 
Is this a call to operator new?

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