MATT'S MISCELLANEOUS LINKS (probably only of interest to Matt)

Some Videos I Like (may include stale links)

Links to some music videos
Minnie the Moocher [Betty Boop cartoon] [Cab Calloway live]
A Wild Hare (Bugs Bunny, ends with "Girl I Left Behind Me")
Dean White's Going-Away Song

Pending Reading

Math jokes
Cambridge Nov. 2008
Cambridge 11/08 workshop blog
Common Lisp Implementations
AAR October 2005
Shankar papers (include a new Shostak combination paper, the Shostak verification paper, and one on safe destructive evaluation)
Ghostview and FV
AAR 54

Helpful Stuff

"Where's My Traveler" website for UT RTAs
UT CS Calendar
Academic Calendars
UT Benefits When Traveling
UT Safety Weather site
GDC cleaning schedule
2013 Flu Schedule at UT Austin
UT Emergency page
UT Emergency page (old?)
UT Safety Terms
Cambridge and UK/England links
UT Travel (Concur)
Go To GDC celebration
Meeting room reservations
SYNNEX Aastra 6731i (phone) User Guide
UT ITS alerts
Senior Safety; Information to Keep Elderly Safe: This link was passed along to me by a girl scout leader in Nebraska, saying of her girls: "They wanted to make a special request to add this to your page!"
"Avoid Debt as a Senior": A student in Delaware, Katelyn, recommended this page, which has basic information and lots of links related to economic security for seniors.
Retirement Basics for Seniors: Someone recommended this page to me; it has lots of links.
Office cleaning schedule
UT CS travel request form (RTA)
Health Insurance and such for international travel
Staff Ombuds Office
Staff Council meeting webcasts and archives
UT CS faculty/staff office assignments
UT CS [grad etc.] Office Assignments
UT Emergency Page (citations finder)
UT CS Direct
UT Sustainability
Austin street closures
A UT Volunteering Page
Gregory Gym parking
Condor (Mastodon) cluster
Racquet court reservations
"Where's My Check" status
An article on the U.S. health care system that I found really interesting
Google Sitesearch
My Google web page test site
U-Verse home
AT&T WiFi locations
U-Verse login
U-Verse international calling rates
U-Verse movies (with On Demand coupons)
AT&T Voicemail
U-Verse call features
AT&T Rewards Center
U-Verse Web Remote Access
U-Verse Online
TV Listings
UT Benefit Guides
MIT Baker House timeline
My parking profile
Austin Energy (click on "Storm Center" for outages)
Miscellaneous Info about Cambridge, England
Phone Books
Medco specialists
Ask a Medco specialist
BCBS (old)
Austin utilities (check usage e.g.)
UT Timesheet
Barking dogs
International travel assistance
UT Employee Discount Program
Trivial primer on using RCS under Emacs
Austin hour-by-hour weather
Long distance
UT Informal Classes
AT+T Executive Education and Conference Center
Parking: Non-interactive map
Parking (F Permit; click on "My Parking Profile" upper right in box, to change profile)
Rec Sports special events
Emacs Lisp List
TIAA-CREF performance
UT Acceptable Use Policy
Cambridge lodging info
UT Rec Sports schedule
UT Telecommuting
UT CS General
Retirement Manager
UT Select insurance
Etrade (Stock Option and Employee Stock Purchase Plan)
Flex (Health Reimbursement) Account
Cole Managed Vision
Matching Gifts
HHPO (Dental Providers)
Random travel stuff:


NSF page
Mike Gordon's Backpack css
My Backpack page

Conference Info

Cambridge ITP meeting August 2009
TPHOLs 2008 Easy Chair
ACL2-2006 PC page
TPHOLs 2005
FMCAD 2004
ACL2-2002 Tutorial
ACL2 Tutorial at ETAPS
ETAPS 2002

Automated Reasoning, Lisp, Emacs

ACL2 Home Page
ACL2 seminar page
ACL2+Books "bleeding edge" manual
VSTTE competition page
UT CS Formal Methods Group page
David Rager's page on modifying ACL2 sources
ACL2 on github
acl2-books Google code
acl2-devel Google code
UT Lists
main CCL web page
Sequent calculus tutorial
Some commercial SBCL support (
Some Lisp books
Types and Programming Languages (preview)
TPHOLs08 program, including demos
Practical Common Lisp
Successful Lisp
ACL2s Documentation
ACL2 workshop (PC)
ACL2 email admin
*OLD* ACL2 email admin
HOL/ACL2 (SourceForge)
**OLD** HOL/ACL2 (SourceForge)
HOL/ACL2 (backpack)
OpenMCL Documentation
SBCL Documentation
Check on ACL2 Workshop registrants
John Harrison's ATP page
John Harrison's home page (may have SAT papers)
Ray Mooney's talk
ACL2 Workshop 2004
ACL2 email admin
ATP page at UT
ACL2 Windows installation
CMU Common Lisp
ACL2 archives
Pete Manolios stuff
ACL2 FAQ (draft)
ACL2 Books
1999 ACL2 Book
Allegro 6.0 FAQ
Association for Automated Reasoning
Common Lisp HyperSpec (TM)
Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition (non-local)
Emacs reference materials
Franz Inc: Allegro Common Lisp and Common Lisp Products
Ruben A. Gamboa's Dissertation
Computer-Aided Reasoning ACL2 Case Studies
Computer-Aided Reasoning An Approach
HOL Light

Misc. Technical

CCL changes
CCL Memory Utilities
GDC (Gates Dell Complex) Faculty/Staff Directory
GDC (Gates Dell Complex) Grad Directory
UT CS news
Loads at UT CS
UTCS system and facilities
UTCS Tech Staff Updates
UTCS system blog (maybe superseded links below)
UTCS system blog
UT CS updates
UT CS status
UTCS Tech Staff Updates (old)
Latex math symbols
Useful bash shell FAQ
Verilog coding style from Sunburst
C++ Tutorial
Perl Documentation
Emacs Basics
Interra/Cheetah (Verilog parser)
Cygwin (with link to Icarus Verilog)
The Linux ELF HOW-TO
GCC doc
GDB doc
STL classes (C++)
STL List class
Perl links
Perl tutorial
FV at Utah (e.g., Memory Models)
NEC Comp. Sci. database
RuleBase homepage
VIS (Cal)
VIS Commands
Index of /~vis/doc/
Gavin's Guide to 80x86 Assembly
Innologic Systems, Inc. - ESP Symbolic simulation products
Intel's Literature Center
Common Lisp the Language, Second Edition
UT-Austin Computer Architecture Seminar Schedule
Semiconductor Research Corporation Home
Beginning HTML at
Welcome to Project VeriPage
[FORMALCHECK] Functional Design and Verification
[IBM] Formal verification made easy


Stanford-area housing (also: PadMapper)
File converter
Texas government employee salaries
Consumer Reports home gifts (including blenders and food processors)
Picacho Coffee
My home page at UT
UT Squash
Radio Paradise playlist
Austin Public Library
Austin tours
Oltorf 331 Bus Route
Bus Routes
Austin Weather (
Debbie's web page
TV Listings
Austin Tennis Courts
Austin360: Weather
Austin360: Weather: KVUE 5 day forecast
ATL (tennis)
Tennis ladder rules
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Election 2000 Results
Austin, We Have a Problem
Travis Central Appraisal District - Appraisal Roll Information
Storm warnings
Weather Channel - Austin - details
Weather Channel - Austin Weather - Austin, Texas - Four day weather forecast
Yahoo! Finance - AMD
Texas Tunes
Mark Shafer, PhD -- Psychology With Heart -- Austin, TX
Budget of the US Government, FY 2000: Download documents
College Station Contra Dances
Eric Smith's resume

Pictures and Detached stuff

Detached directory
Richard and Candice
Mother and Bill
Bill Cullin 1
Bill Cullin 2
Captions for Bill Cullin pictures
Rick Payne's Site