Simon S. Lam (林善成)

Regents Chair Emeritus in Computer Science No. 1

Simon S. LamDepartment of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, Texas 78712-1757

email: lam at cs dot utexas dot edu
phone: 512 471 9531
fax: 512 471 8885
office: GDC 6.826
Internal Mail Code: D9500 

Major Awards    Biographical sketch   Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Networking Research Laboratory      Publications

Research contributions with the most useful applications:

1. Invention of secure sockets and prototype implementation of the first secure sockets layer in 1993 --  secure sockets enabled e-commerce several years later and are also used to secure email and other Internet applications (this work won the 2004 ACM Software System Award)

2. Invention of atomic predicates and algorithms for scalable network verification (Software Download) -- being re-implemented by a  major technology company for verifying its cloud computing networks   


2012 IEEE ICNP Keynote on Greedy Routing with Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch

Courses taught: CS 356 (Fall 2017)   CS 396M (Spring 2017)  

Some of my former doctoral students (in order of graduation from UT-Austin)

A. Udaya Shankar (1982), Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park

C. Edward Chow (1985), Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Kenneth L. Calvert (1991), IEEE Fellow; Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky; effective May 2016, on leave at the National Science Foundation as Division Director, CISE Division of Computer and Network Systems 

Thomas Y. C. Woo (1994), IEEE Fellow, Bell Labs Fellow; Head, Scalable Data Processing, Nokia Bell Labs

Geoffrey G. Xie (1996), Professor of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

David K. Y. Yau (1997), Professor of Information Systems, Singapore University of Technology and Design (previous position: Associate Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University)

Y. Richard Yang (2001), Professor of Computer Science, Yale University

Min Sik Kim (2005), Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Washington State University

Chen Qian (2013), Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

Supervisor of my doctoral dissertation (1974)

Leonard Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor, UCLA