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We will be meeting every other Monday at 1pm in GDC 4.516

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January 25, 2015 Internal peer review (Islam's NAACL2016 submission)

* Please send in suggestions for new papers to discuss, or vote for a paper from the currently proposed papers.




Proposed Readings


William Blacoe, Elham Kashefi, and Mirella Lapata. A Quantum-Theoretic Approach to Distributional Semantics. NAACL, 2013 (pdf)
(4 points: 5 up, 1 down)

Danqi Chen, Richard Socher, Christopher D. Manning, Andrew Y. Ng. Learning New Facts From Knowledge Bases With Neural Tensor Networks and Semantic Word Vectors. , 2013 (pdf)
(4 points: 5 up, 1 down)

Max M. Louwerse and Rolf A. Zwaan. Language Encodes Geographical Information. Cognitive Science, 2009 (pdf)
(4 points: 4 up, 0 down)

Peter D. Turney. Domain and function: A dual-space model of semantic relations and compositions. JAIR, 2012 (pdf)
(3 points: 3 up, 0 down)

Gabor Angeli, Christopher Manning, and Daniel Jurafsky. Parsing Time: Learning to Interpret Time Expressions. NAACL, 2012 (pdf)
(3 points: 3 up, 0 down)

Karl Moritz Hermann and Phil Blunsom. The role of syntax in vector space models of compositional semantics. ACL, 2013 (pdf)
(2 points: 2 up, 0 down)

Veselin Stoyanov and Jason Eisner. Minimum-Risk Training of Approximate CRF-Based NLP Systems. NAACL, 2012 (pdf)
(2 points: 2 up, 0 down)

Diarmuid O'Seaghda and Anna Korhonen. Probabilistic models of similarity in syntactic context. EMNLP, 2011 (pdf)
(2 points: 2 up, 0 down)

. Computational Linguistics (March 2013): Special Issue on Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages. Compuatational Lingustics, 2013 (url)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Ann Copestake and Aurelie Herbelot. Lexicalised compositionality. Unpublished draft, 2012 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Geoffrey Zweig, John C. Platt, Christopher Meek, Christopher J. C. Burges, Ainur Yessenalina, and Qiang Liu. Computational Approaches to Sentence Completion. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Nicholas Andrews, Jason Eisner, and Mark Dredze. Name Phylogeny: A Generative Model of String Variation. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Hartung, M. and Frank, A.. Exploring Supervised LDA Models for Assigning Attributes to Adjective-Noun Phrases. EMNLP, 2011 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

James Henderson, Paola Merlo, Ivan Titov, and Gabriele Musillo. Multi-lingual Joint Parsing of Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies with a Latent Variable Model. Computational Linguistics, 2013 (url)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Adam Vogel, Max Bodoia, Christopher Potts, and Dan Jurafsky. Emergence of Gricean Maxims from Multi-Agent Decision Theory. NAACL, 2013 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Joo-Kyung Kim and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe. Deriving adjectival scales from continuous space word representations. EMNLP, 2013 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Eva Maria Vecchi, Roberto Zamparelli and Marco Baroni. Studying the recursive behaviour of adjectival modification with compositional distributional semantics. EMNLP, 2013 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Song Feng, Ritwik Banerjee and Yejin Choi. Characterizing Stylistic Elements in Syntactic Structure. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi and Hal Daume III. Regularized Interlingual Projections: Evaluation on Multilingual Transliteration. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Atsushi Fujita, Pierre Isabelle, and Roland Kuhn. Enlarging Paraphrase Collections through Generalization and Instantiation. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Michael Wick, Sameer Singh, and Andrew McCallum. A Discriminative Hierarchical Model for Fast Coreference at Large Scale. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Szymon Acedanski, Adam Slaski, and Adam Przepiorkowski. Machine Learning of Syntactic Attachment from Morphosyntactic and Semantic Co-occurrence Statistics. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Percy Liang, Michael I. Jordan, and Dan Klein. Learning Dependency-Based Compositional Semantics. ACL, 2011 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Kira Radinsky, Eugene Agichtein, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, and Shaul Markovitch. A Word at a Time: Computing Word Relatedness using Temporal Semantic Analysis. WWW, 2011 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Tom Kwiatkowski, Luke Zettlemoyer, Sharon Goldwater, and Mark Steedman. Lexical Generalization in CCG Grammar Induction for Semantic Parsing. EMNLP, 2011 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Gozde Ozbal and Carlo Strapparava. A Computational Approach to the Automation of Creative Naming. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(-1 points: 0 up, 1 down)

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