Course Syllabus for CS 178H:
Introduction to CS Research

We will cover the following topics in class lectures and discussions. In addition, we will have several guest lectures throughout the semester to introduce various research faculty and their research areas. We will also have a panel of students currently working on honors theses to discuss their work and the process.
  1. Introduction, Jan. 26
  2. Why do an honors thesis?, Feb. 2
  3. The nature of academia and research professors, Feb. 9
  4. The nature of CS research, Feb. 16, cont. Mar 9
  5. Critical reading of research literature, Mar. 2, cont. Mar 23
  6. Panel of Undergrads doing Research: Brandon Blakeley, Chris Wiley, Justin Hilburn, Yonatan Bisk, Apr. 6
  7. The road to an honors thesis, Apr 27
  8. Discussion of honors thesis defenses, May 4

Guest Lectures

  1. Tandy Warnow, Computational Biology, Feb. 23
  2. Adam Klivans, Theory: Machine Learning and Computational Complexity, Mar. 30
  3. Mike Dahlin, Operating Systems, Apr. 13
  4. Kristen Grauman, Computer Vision, Apr. 20